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Streamline Your Cybersecurity Workflow

Organisations require seamless tool integration to stay ahead of the curve – to drive workflow efficiencies, automate processes, and consolidate data with no added headache. SenseOn Connect tackles all of these challenges whilst offering API connectivity for Case and Observation, Device and Telemetry data.

Key benefits of SenseOn Connect

Workflow Integration

Simplify, streamline and automate your processes by integrating with 3rd-party ITSM tools. Gain visibility of alerts generated by SenseOn within your workflow tooling, retrieve device information and status, and query your telemetry remotely.

Cross-Tool Relevance

Create custom dashboards in your bespoke business intelligence tool to effortlessly manipulate data from the SenseOn platform alongside other sources. Gain a comprehensive organisational view and share insights effortlessly.

Enriched Context Integration

Seamlessly integrate external APIs with the SenseOn Analytics appliance, enabling the automated collection of telemetry into the SenseOn platform and dynamic correlation with other data sources already collected through the platform.

Get more value from your tools with SenseOn Connect

Seamlessly Integrate with 3rd-party Ticketing Systems

SenseOn Connect centralises your workflow, enhancing efficiency and reducing analyst workload.

Effortlessly track and manage cases within 3rd-party ticketing systems. Enable bi-directional updates without having to log into the platform. When digging into the data, find the exact case ID from your integration for seamless transition between tools.

Finally, receive instant notifications on native apps such as Teams, Google Workspace, Jira, and Slack to stay informed and respond promptly, ensuring a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Centralise Reporting for Comprehensive Insights

Consolidate your Security Operations reporting. Generate centralised reports covering case types, severity, open and closed cases, analyst responsibilities, and crucial time metrics. Visualise these insights in your preferred data visualisation tool for strategic decision-making.

Share platform activities and security metrics seamlessly with stakeholders, even with those not using the platform. SenseOn Connect facilitates transparent communication, providing valuable insights to senior IT managers during weekly assurance meetings.

Gain Visibility Across Activities

Real-time updates ensure everyone stays informed on investigation processes and outcomes – including analyst notes, closure categories, and cases requiring review. Keep track of devices with real-time data, including Universal Sensor version and last check-in time.

Boost your ROI Leveraging your Tool Stack

For users seeking enhanced ROI from existing tools, SenseOn Connect lets you ingest alert data from other security tooling, creating observations that contribute to a more comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Integrations for your business


Cases and observations can be pushed into SIEMs using custom API integrations, web hooks and email.

Endpoint Protection

SenseOn can integrate with your existing endpoint protection and EDR tooling.

Data Collection

SenseOn can pull in telemetry from Google Workspace, Amazon Security Hub, Microsoft Office 365, and Azure.

Explore the power of seamless integration, centralised reporting, and proactive management with SenseOn Connect.

Loved by teams and companies you know

Whether you are a large organisation with mature cyber teams or a smaller business with no SOC teams whatsoever, SenseOn can provide you with a tailored, cost-effective solution to keep you protected from threats.

Don’t take our word for it

“With SenseOn, we were able to obtain more security coverage at the same cost as our previous XDR solution. We asked the SenseOn’s SOC teams to proactively hunt threats, which uncovered vulnerabilities that we weren’t able to mitigate in the past. As a result, SenseOn’s product and services allowed our teams at Boohoo to be more efficient and save more money down the line.”

– Dorian Skeete, Head of Information Security at Boohoo

“We just put SenseOn in and let it flow. There was minimal time for implementation. Nothing we’ve ever put in has shown value so quickly. We have gone from not having a security team, to having a security team as a result of SenseOn.”

– Matt Blee, Cyber Security Manager at Yeo Valley

“SenseOn was the toolset we’d been missing. As a small business, we need to have the same level of protection against threats as the big players, but we don’t have the budget to employ dedicated security specialists and this is where SenseOn comes in.”

– Andrew Walles, IT Solutions Architect at Harbottle and Lewis

“SenseOn is our most valuable security tool due to its ease of use and ability to detect across the estate. The speed of customer service is a huge benefit – I can use the intercom and within minutes, I have a response and someone helping me build a query or general support where I have a knowledge gap.”

– Jim Newman, Senior VP of Information Security at Kidsloop

“We were keen to utilise new and innovative technology to defend our organisation. We spent a lot of time looking at more conventional solutions, but only SenseOn offered the functionality we wanted at a sensible price point.”

– Adrian Moore, IT Director at bpha

“SenseOn is what you look for in a partner. They have been amazing to work with and dedicated to the success of Advantage and protecting our business.”

– Steven Young, VP of Information Security

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