Insider Threats

Protect your business from insider threats

Whether malicious or accidental, insider threats pose a significant concern to businesses and can open the door for threat actors to gain access to critical information.

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Effective and efficient insider threat detection

In order to address the risks posed by insider threat across hybrid workforces, SenseOn provides end-to-end visibility across users, endpoints, processes, networks and cloud telemetry and generates rich data with integrated detection engineering. By monitoring traffic in a holistic way and providing automated detection and response, SenseOn protects organizations against malicious insider actors as well as accidental mishaps. 

Tracking user behaviour and lateral movement

SenseOn uses a broad range of anomaly detection methods to alert on suspicious user behaviour across the kill chain, using rich endpoint and network data to contextualize alerts. Taking a zero-trust approach, SenseOn spots malicious actors long before they are able to access sensitive data.

Manual investigation in SenseOn’s Hunt Lab

As well as automated detections produced by SenseOn’s threat triangulation, your team can run bespoke queries across the vast and rich data SenseOn gathers across the network and endpoint via Hunt Lab, our SQL-based threat hunting ground. Queries can be used to detect suspicious employee and other insider activity, with SenseOn providing full transparency across all data collected. 

“It’s more than just increasing our visibility of threats in our environment; we can now understand the footprint of our infrastructure and benchmark what normal activity and behaviour looks like.”

Vinod Biscette, IT Professional, Oil Nut Bay

How SenseOn Stops Threats

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