Zero Day Attacks

Protecting your business against zero day attacks

SenseOn effectively detects and addresses zero day threats via its comprehensive approach to security, removing blind spots by automatically correlating & analysing data across threats from the endpoint, cloud and network.

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Contextualized alerts for the entire attack chain

SenseOn saves you time and effort by collating and contextualizing all alerts into prioritized, triaged cases, meaning you are only alerted when something genuinely requires attention. Our platform connects data points across the attack chain to help identify the root cause of the attack.

"Being able to gather network and endpoint visibility in order to provide a full view of the security infrastructure is a huge help, especially with employees working from home"

Andrew Walles, IT Solutions Architect, Harbottle and Lewis

Intelligent baselining to identify your normal

SenseOn’s platform observes the ebbs and flows of digital activity across your network, endpoint and cloud during the two-week baselining period to learn about the unique digital fingerprint of your organisation. This means SenseOn can instantly identify zero-day attacks and other novel threats due to our unique algorithmic models.

“It’s more than just increasing our visibility of threats in our environment; we can now understand the footprint of our infrastructure and benchmark what normal activity and behaviour looks like.”

Vinod Biscette, IT Professional, Oil Nut Bay

Mapping the tactics of significant threat actors

Along with our anomaly detection and intelligent baselining approach, SenseOn’s team of highly experienced analysts are constantly researching and protecting against the tactics of the most advanced threat actors on the front lines. SenseOn’s incident response and endpoint remediation features help you contain and patch vulnerabilities to keep your organisation safe. 

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SenseOn was founded on the belief that the cybersecurity industry is broken. Designed by security professionals who have felt the pain of traditional tools, SenseOn’s vision is to remove the burden of mundane, repetitive work so security and IT professionals can enjoy more fulfilling careers by enabling an autonomous, intelligent and secure digital world.

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