Our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion

Discover how we are creating a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

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How we are taking action

Everyone should feel like they belong at SenseOn, and we are committed to promoting an inclusive and empowering working environment for every single member of our team. We believe that diverse teams build better products, make better decisions and make us better.

We are developing a data-driven strategy for monitoring and improving our diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives. We recognise that we have a lot to learn alongside challenging our own perspectives and biases. 

We also know that we need more than words to fight inequality and intolerance. At SenseOn, empower our teams to build a more inclusive and diverse future not only at SenseOn but in the communities in which they live. We have a DE&I committee which meets monthly to discuss what we can be doing better, and we hold regular lunch and learn sessions for the whole company, with topics covering everything from neurodiversity to using inclusive language.

Our values

At SenseOn, our company values have been with us since day one, and are the driving force behind how we work. We believe that our great culture is a result of integrating our values into every aspect of what we do!

Customer obsession

Inspiring customers through the passion of our people, our vision and our attitude.


Achieve incredible results without lengthy processes, making decisions quickly, innovating continuously. Test, learn and iterate.

Good people, doing good things

Be positive, always act with integrity, be selfless, reliable and empathetic. Help others and take the time to explain why.

Unrelenting pursuit of excellence

Joining SenseOn is a commitment to always striving for better. Better relationships, better code, better teamwork, better processes, better ways.

Be courageous

In your search for excellence, to disagree, in providing direct feedback quickly, in pursuing the best answer, value and outcome for our team and customers, and in leading the future.

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