Telecommunications: an industry under attack

As a first line of defence, telecommunications systems are at the forefront of hackers’ attempts to compromise complex and critical national infrastructure.

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percent of telecoms leaders view cybersecurity as “highly critical”


percent of telecom security incidents in 2021 resulted in data leakage


days – the average amount of time taken to find and contain a breach in 2021


million dollars – the average cost of a cyber attack in 2021

Telecommunications cyber threats continue to rise

Unfortunately for telecoms businesses, there are a number of reasons why an adversary might want to access their infrastructure and applications. Nation state actors might target communication channels for covert surveillance, whilst customer data is another highly appealing target for cyber criminals. 

Why telecoms companies love SenseOn

Minimal effort required to correlate data

The nature of the telecoms industry means that there is an extraordinarily high volume of data. This, in turn, generates a significant amount of security data. SenseOn correlates all of this security data into one usable format so analysts can instantly find out who, what, where, when and how without having to try and link up information from disparate sources.

Direct observation of your network

As a telecoms security estate is vast, it is incredibly hard to access network information with traditional tools. SenseOn’s Universal Sensor collects data across all data traffic and endpoint activity with an EPNS service to correlate endpoint information and the network data at the point of being recorded. 

Drastic reduction in blind spots

With sensitive data comes great responsibility. It is a top priority that there are no security blind spots in a telecoms company’s digital estate. Any gap could be an entryway for adversaries to access confidential information. Our Universal Sensor provides specific, granular information without the traffic jam of lots of different tools to stop adversaries from penetrating your estate. 

Reduction of noise

As with many security teams, resources for cyber security within telecoms businesses are often thinly stretched. As such, there is rarely the capacity to resolve the thousands of alerts that are generated by traditional security tools. Using a highly accurate AI based reasoning framework, SenseOn only brings true positive alerts to the attention of analysts, dramatically reducing security operating costs.

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We do security differently.

SenseOn was founded on the belief that the cybersecurity industry is broken. Designed by security professionals who have felt the pain of traditional tools, SenseOn’s vision is to remove the burden of mundane, repetitive work so security and IT professionals can enjoy more fulfilling careers by enabling an autonomous, intelligent and secure digital world.

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