Manufacturing and automotive – lucrative targets

Digital operations within the manufacturing and automotive industries are becoming extremely complex. Unfortunately, adequate cyber protections are not being implemented at the same rate as innovation.

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percent of manufacturers have been the victim of a cyber crime in the past 12 months


percent year-on-year increase in vulnerabilities in industrial control systems


thousand dollars in potential losses after just one attack


percent of manufacturers reporting being asked to demonstrate the robustness of their cyber defence

Securing a complex network

Manufacturing and automotive businesses inevitably accrue complex digital estates, with a mix of IT, Operation Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This often results in limited network visibility and blind spots, leaving businesses vulnerable to attack. This is why SenseOn has built a unified cyber defence system that connects endpoint, network, cloud and infrastructure data into a single view across complex digital estates.

“SenseOn gave us a jump in awareness across our network. We were able to harden our posture and take hard data to the business to drive change.”

Matt Blee, Yeo Valley

What manufacturing and automotive firms love about SenseOn

Minimal effort required to correlate data

With traditional tooling, the complex nature of a manufacturing and automotive digital estate would typically generate a significant amount of security data, often in different formats. SenseOn on the other hand correlates all of this data into one usable format so analysts can instantly find out who, what, where, when and how without having to try and link up information from disparate sources.

Direct observation of your network

As the manufacturing and automotive industries are becoming more distributed and complex, it is becoming even harder to access network information with traditional tools. SenseOn’s Universal Sensor collects data across remote workers, corporate offices, production sites and cloud instances at once with an EPNS service to correlate endpoint information and the network data at the point of being recorded. 

Drastic reduction in blind spots

With a complex digital estate and a range of IT, OT and IoT devices, blindspots are almost inevitable for manufacturing and automotive firms using any traditional security tools. This causes significant risk as any gap could be an entryway for adversaries. SenseOn avoids this risk by providing timely, complete and consistent data across every corner of your digital estate.

Reduction of noise

As with many security teams, resources for cyber security within manufacturing and automotive firms are often thinly stretched. As such, there is rarely the capacity to resolve the thousands of alerts that are generated by traditional security tools. Using a highly accurate AI based reasoning framework, SenseOn only brings true positive alerts to the attention of analysts, dramatically reducing security operating costs.

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SenseOn was founded on the belief that the cybersecurity industry is broken. Designed by security professionals who have felt the pain of traditional tools, SenseOn’s vision is to remove the burden of mundane, repetitive work so security and IT professionals can enjoy more fulfilling careers by enabling an autonomous, intelligent and secure digital world.

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