Streamlined cyber defence in a single platform.

SenseOn combines the capabilities of EDR, NDR, SOAR, SIEM, and AV into a consolidated cyber defence system.


Complete end-to-end visibility


Over 500 advanced analytics


Automated response and remediation

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Dramatically reduce workload without compromising defence.

SenseOn helps to simplify and automate crucial security actions, with incident response capabilities to help remediate and recover from critical incidents, minimising any threat of business disruption. Intelligent alert prioritisation and data consolidation provides you with all the context needed for each threat, reducing the mean time to detect and mean time to respond. 

"With SenseOn, root cause analysis is so much more efficient. Everything is in a single tool, and we've saved so much time"

CISO, Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

Layered protection with deep coverage of threats.

SenseOn analyzes and enriches data from multiple sources in a single platform, enabling us to provide unparalleled prevention and detection across the endpoint, cloud and network. A unified data model captures user, device, process and network telemetry in a consistent format. Our patented analysis software then uses a range of approaches, including UEBA, advanced deception technologies, pattern matching, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, to alert accurately on genuine threats. 

"We chose SenseOn because of its unique ability to connect the dots between endpoints, the network and external activity."

Vinod Biscette, IT Professional, Oil Nut Bay

Goodbye buzzwords, hello reliable security

By alerting accurately on genuine threats in a single system, SenseOn dramatically reduces noise from rapidly-increasing volumes of data, consolidates your security stack, and gives you full visibility into your cloud and on-prem IT infrastructure. The SenseOn platform captures all endpoint and network data natively in a consistent format and automatically contextualises this data, providing security teams with the necessary context to thoroughly understand and remediate threats. This unique approach to cybersecurity means that security teams can use a single system to capture rich data from across their estate in one unified data model without incurring the resource, inefficiency and financial costs associated with using several disparate security tools or from tools which are simply integrating disparate data under the hood.

Complete visibility with a platform that simplifies & automates

By collecting rich data from across the entire infrastructure, SenseOn increases efficiency whilst providing unparalleled visibility. Data is analysed by our sophisticated AI triangulation, which uses multiple different detection approaches including UEBA, advanced deception technologies, pattern matching, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, to provide data-driven anomaly detection and instantly respond to threats. Unlike XDRs that have stitched together disparate security technology, SenseOn was built from the ground up to enable resource-constrained teams to protect themselves to a world-class standard. 

Fewer tools, better threat detection

SenseOn brings you seamless (and SIEM-less) security, meaning your busy team can achieve more, faster. Keep your business safe with the ultimate cyber defence system that transforms prevention, detection and response. SenseOn also offers managed SOC services to reduce your workload further and ensure you are protected with expert investigation capabilities 24/7/365.

Cut your spending on security tooling

By providing multiple capabilities in our single platform, we reduce the amount our customers spends on their security stack up to 10X. SenseOn increases operational efficiency and reduces your cybersecurity spending by consolidating your security stack, enriching alerts with multiple data sources and automatically prioritising alerts based on risk. 

For the entire security team, IT and network operations team.

Filter and search capabilities across a range of parameters on both historic and real-time data allow IT and security professionals to take their investigation further in SenseOn’s SQL-based threat hunting ground.  SenseOn also offers managed SOC services to help support your security function without depending on traditional MSSP/SIEM services or increasing your internal headcount.

Patented, award-winning AI Triangulation’ technology

Anomalous observations are prioritised into cases using sophisticated analysis and AI triangulation, with automated response and remediation on a case-by-case basis. SenseOn’s groundbreaking analytics were named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

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