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What is SenseOn?

SenseOn is a unique cybersecurity platform which solves a fundamental challenge with conventional approaches to threat Detection and Response which we term “The Security Data Problem”

The SenseOn solution collects native endpoint and network telemetry from our customers’ physical, virtual and cloud-hosted IT environments to provide unparalleled detection capabilities for behaviours exhibited by all modern Advanced Persistent Threats

The SenseOn platform automatically links user, process and network telemetry, at source, delivering not only advanced, software-based NDR but also creating the ability to augment incumbent SIEM operations by removing the need for ingesting vast amounts of high EPS network log data into a SIEM. In doing so, we’re enhancing threat detection on the network whilst reducing effort, risk and cost of security operations.

How does SenseOn solve the security data problem?

The data that SenseOn collects and links at source covers all network activity, complete with the responsible process and user identity from the endpoint, allowing our automated detections and security analysts to understand not only WHAT data is flowing around and inside the network but WHY it is flowing, how it is being generated and WHO is responsible for creating that network request.

Enriching this native, unified dataset with additional data sources from cloud platforms, SenseOn then runs sophisticated detections and analytics across this unified, consistent data set yielding low noise high fidelity detections and eliminating complex manual data engineering and detection tuning activity.
Automatically surfacing this complete perspective, within a context-rich ‘Case’ visualisation, enables the automation of L1/L2 security alert investigation and response. 

How is SenseOn unique?

No other cybersecurity vendor delivers full NDR from a software agent, augmenting the data from the endpoint itself. Our patented SenseOn Universal Sensor performs deep packet inspection of network traffic on the endpoint, and is therefore unique in being able to precisely link EVERY network interaction – however fleeting – with the responsible process and user identity on the endpoint at source and in real time. This alone changes the game when it comes to identifying malicious activity.

The SenseOn platform then uses pattern, behaviour, statistical and anomaly-based detections across this unified dataset, with all anomalous observations automatically linked and prioritised into Cases – a contextualised timeline of linked observations – using sophisticated, patented analysis to surface only the critical threats.

What does this mean for cybersecurity teams?

Better threat detection, enhanced security posture, lower cost, higher efficiency. Lower risk.

Security Operations teams are no longer overwhelmed with false positive alerts from cybersecurity platforms that lack the critical insight – in real-time, at source – into the endpoint/network interaction. Instead they are presented with contextually rich, triangulated Cases assembled automatically from a unique set of high fidelity detections. 

Security Engineering
teams are no longer burdened with never-ending rounds of data engineering and detection tuning in an attempt to correlate endpoint and network activity amidst the noise.

CISOs and CIOs can control their security spend, solve their manpower challenges whilst maximising their ability to detect threats within their environment.

How does SenseOn work?

SenseOn obtains its patented visibility (natively linking user > process > network at source) with an extremely lightweight agent that installs onto Windows, Linux or Mac (client, or server physical, virtual or cloud); the agent consumes less than 1% of 1 CPU core, occupies less than 200MB of memory and installs silently without the need to reboot.

The platform works out of the box, with no lengthy implementation or complicated log ingest required. 

The unified endpoint and network telemetry collected by this agent is reported over the internet to a single-tenanted SenseOn SaaS analytic appliance deployed in the customer-local region of choice.

This appliance uses a variety of detection methods to generate observations for any suspicious activity, which are combined with alerts ingested from the major Cloud platforms and contextually linked into context-rich cases with high priority cases pushed to security analysts for investigation.

The customer challenges we solve

SenseOn streamlines security operations whilst enhancing threat detection by solving the security data problem. There are 3 common use-cases:

  • Advanced NDR: SenseOn is unique in being a software-based NDR, and so outperforms traditional NDRs as adversaries become more sophisticated in their attack techniques, masking activity such as covert beaconing within noisy networks and ‘living off the land’ by hiding in network blind spots.
  • Streamlining SIEM operations: due to the broad and deep telemetry that we capture simultaneously across endpoint and network, SenseOn drives down SIEM ingestion costs, noise and workload, whilst amplifying threat detection.
  • End-to-end platform: for organisations looking to consolidate a disparate, complex security tech stack, SenseOn offers a consolidated cyber defence platform that delivers threat detection across endpoint, network and cloud. XDR as XDR should be done, with a unified dataset that intrinsically links endpoint and network interactions at source.

The SenseOn Managed Service

We offer a full 24/7 managed SOC and Incident Response service around our platform, with full incident and threat reporting. Our managed service is not a ‘black box’ – our managed SOC customers retain full access to the SenseOn platform and telemetry but have the peace of mind that our security analysts are responding to Cases on their behalf around the clock.

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