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It all started with a vision….

SenseOn was founded in 2017 with a bold vision – to take on the biggest challenges in the cybersecurity industry and rebuild cyber defence from the ground up. Sounds simple, right?

Starting out at the dining table of a London flat, SenseOn’s co-founders were a group of cyber security experts, former government cyber operatives and applied machine learning specialists. Together, we built a revolutionary cybersecurity platform to address the cyber risks of the future.

From day one, SenseOn has been driven by the need to protect society from the threats posed by cyber criminals. Cyber criminals are rapidly advancing their attack techniques, exacerbated by ransomware and blockchain. At the same time, enterprise security structures are becoming increasingly complex, and the volume of data that companies collect is increasing exponentially. All of this when there’s a severe talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry. 

At SenseOn, we’re creating a world where our customers don’t need to buy a plethora of tools that require maintenance to reduce their risk. Most importantly, we believe that the safety of their organisation should not depend on humans doing repetitive, mundane work such as wading through a volume of inaccurate alerts. SenseOn hyper automates this process and offers security teams protection against the most complex of threats, including ransomware, malware and data loss, with several tools simplified into a single platform. 

We believe that cybersecurity is a huge problem, and we’re here to fix it. That’s what drives us to do better every single day. In 2021, SenseOn raised $20 million in Series A funding, making it one of the largest Series A funding rounds in Europe. The company has tripled in size over the past year, winning industry accolades and the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers of 2021 award for our revolutionary approach to cybersecurity.

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SenseOn was founded on the belief that the cybersecurity industry is broken. Designed by security professionals who have felt the pain of traditional tools, SenseOn’s vision is to remove the burden of mundane, repetitive work so security and IT professionals can enjoy more fulfilling careers by enabling an autonomous, intelligent and secure digital world.

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