How SenseOn helps Harbottle and Lewis protect their reputation

The legal threat landscape

The legal sector is adopting technology at an unprecedented rate. However, this increase has been accompanied by a dramatic rise in sophisticated cyber-attacks. In an industry where reputation is key, falling victim to a cyber-attack could be catastrophic. An alarming 80% of UK- based law firms were targeted by phishing attacks last year, with over £20m of client money stolen over the past two years.

“Having funds stolen or suffering a data breach through a cyber-attack can be devastating, both financially and reputationally, not only for the firm but also for its clients.”

Ciaran Martin, CEO of the UK’s National Cyber Security Council

Business background

Harbottle & Lewis is an industry leading provider of legal advice in the Technology, Media and Entertainment sectors and for private clients. Recognised by The Legal 500 and Chambers in all its core practice areas, this medium-sized firm has a wealth of distinguished and high-profile clients. 

With revenue of over £46m, and a reputation relying on its discretion and sensitive handling of its clients’ matters, it is no surprise that Harbottle & Lewis were keen to utilise the very latest developments in cyber defence technology to continue to keep its systems secure.

The road to worldwide protection

With a travelling workforce, Harbottle & Lewis understand the importance of keeping their endpoint devices secure, no matter where in the world they are. In the information age, the way we now conduct business, share data, and consume technology has changed organisations’ digital estates into borderless entities.

Given Harbottle & Lewis’ reputation for discretion, it was crucial for them to utilise technology that they could trust to protect them from the most advanced threats.

Furthermore, they wanted a technology that would give them complete visibility across their endpoint devices and network, ensuring their whole organisation remains secure.

“As a small business, we need to have the same level of protection against threats as the big players, but we don’t have the budget to employ dedicated security specialists and this is where SenseOn comes in.”

Andrew Walles, IT Solutions Architect

How SenseOn helps

SenseOn combines its multiple ‘senses’ across endpoints devices, the network, and Investigator Bots. Their ability to converse autonomously through AI allows for the accurate detection of threats anywhere in the company. This blending of sensory methods – known as ‘AI Triangulation’ – is at the heart of SenseOn, and provides the context and clarity needed to ensure that SenseOn can detect and isolate even the most advanced and subtle threats. 

Once deployed in an environment, SenseOn continues to learn, building up a pattern of behaviour specific to the devices and users within Harbottle & Lewis. SenseOn’s unparalleled visibility across their entire digital estate, combined with its use of Threat Triangulation and ability to understand context, results in genuine threats being escalated for the attention of the IT team. 

Augmenting the analyst

SenseOn has helped Harbottle & Lewis build on its existing capabilities to deal with cyber threats. By focusing only on genuine incidents, the IT team are able to continue to provide a secure network for their employees, enabling the firm to maintain its excellent client service. SenseOn’s ability to gather context and provide highly accurate alerts means that the burden of manual detection and investigation is reduced. This automation of the security analyst’s role prioritises only genuine threats and enables the IT team to focus their efforts where they matter most.

Complex threats, simple solutions

SenseOn’s unique user interface, with its sleek design, usability, and adaptability, was welcomed by the IT team at Harbottle & Lewis, who had been seeking a software that was as simple to use as it was good at spotting threats. The platform allows them to visualise their whole digital estate in a single view, with prioritised threats ranked according to their importance.

Cyber security, a moving target

SenseOn ensures that Harbottle & Lewis continue to remain at the forefront of defence against cyber attacks, and that they remain competitive in the legal marketplace.

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