Managing cyber risk in electric, power and gas companies

Energy firms face cyber risk from vulnerabilities across IT systems, OT infrastructure and supply chain partners.

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percent of consumers say they would leave their energy supplier if it suffered a cyber breach


more cyberattacks in the energy & utilities sector since the start of 2020


percent of the energy sector has a critical vulnerability due to out of date systems


percent of the energy sector has at least one leaked credential in the last 90 days

Cybersecurity for energy, utilities and power companies

The threat landscape for energy, utilities and power firms is growing increasingly complex. Between escalating geopolitical tensions and a rapid growth in threat actors, it’s no surprise that energy and utilities firms are at high risk of cyber challenges. Between expanding regulations, supply chain and vendor risks and sensitive data, there’s never been a better time to protect your organisation from ongoing and future cyber threats.

Why energy & utility firms love SenseOn

Minimal effort required to correlate data

The nature of energy and utility firms means that there is a high volume of critical data. This, in turn, generates a significant amount of security data. SenseOn correlates all of this data into one usable format so analysts can instantly find out who, what, where, when and how without having to try and link up information from disparate sources.

Direct observation of your network

As security teams in energy and utility firms are becoming more distributed through remote working, it is becoming even harder to access network information with traditional tools. SenseOn’s Universal Sensor collects data across remote workers, offices, production sites and cloud instances at once with an EPNS service to correlate endpoint information and the network data at the point of being recorded. 

Drastic reduction in blind spots

With critical data comes great responsibility. It is a top priority that there are no security blind spots in an energy or utility firm’s digital estate. Any gap could be an entryway for adversaries to access confidential information. Our Universal Sensor provides specific, granular information without the traffic jam of lots of different tools to stop adversaries from penetrating your estate. 

Reduction of noise

As with many security teams, resources for cyber security within energy and utility firms are often thinly stretched. As such, there is rarely the capacity to resolve the thousands of alerts that are generated by traditional security tools. Using a highly accurate AI based reasoning framework, SenseOn only brings true positive alerts to the attention of analysts, dramatically reducing security operating costs.

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We do security differently.

SenseOn was founded on the belief that the cybersecurity industry is broken. Designed by security professionals who have felt the pain of traditional tools, SenseOn’s vision is to remove the burden of mundane, repetitive work so security and IT professionals can enjoy more fulfilling careers by enabling an autonomous, intelligent and secure digital world.

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