More than a third of transportation security professional think that APTs and the proliferation of BYOD and smart devices are high security risks to their organisations.


Cyber security solutions for transportation

Industry challenges

With everything from customer financial data to train signalling now digitally controlled, the potential for a catastrophic hack to follow a breach is an opportunity many malicious actors seek to exploit. IoT is of particular concern, since the connection of critical parts of the transportation infrastructure to each other creates a plethora of access points to the wider network. This can allow hackers a path to the OT, escalating the threat from simple data theft to far more serious physical destruction, with loss of life a potential risk. Worryingly, security professionals in this industry find themselves overwhelmed with false positives, meaning only one-third of legitimate threats are investigated.

How Senseon helps the transportation sector

By deploying on endpoints and the network, Senseon provides total visibility across an organisation. Using Investigator Bots to look at potential threats from an outside point of view, Senseon blends together it’s three ‘senses’ to develop a contextual understanding. This process - known as AI Triangulation - enables Senseon to accurately detect genuine threats by distinguishing between the unusual yet harmless and the actually malicious. This dramatically reduces false positives and frees up the security team to deal with what really matters.

As vehicles get smarter, major opportunities for the future of mobility increase. But so too do the challenges posed by data theft and hacking.
— Jesse Norman, Future of Mobility Minister, UK

Senseon Value Assessment

The Value Assessment helps transportation companies understand the value of deploying Senseon in their environments. Over a 4-week period, the Senseon team will work closely with you to run an efficient and effective assessment. The aim of the Value Assessment is to give you a taste of running Senseon within your organisation and to help you make a well-informed internal business case for a Senseon deployment.