Fight off threats faster with 40% less SOC investigation time.

SenseOn hyperautomates threat detection and response, giving you unparalleled visibility and protection.

Monitor identity, endpoint, network and cloud-based activity to stop threats as soon as they occur.

Tackling Cyber Issues At The Root

Combat Alert Fatigue

Remove the burden of false positives that impedes your talent’s efficiency with automated alert analyses and rich context information.

Integrate Seamlessly with SenseOn

Get the most out of your existing tech stack – extend your visibility, ingest new telemetry, enrich analysis context, and improve threat detections.

Leverage our Universal Sensor

Conquer the data deluge and contextualise alerts from all sources with our unified telemetry.

An all-in-one security platform to keep you safe, at all times

Protect all of your endpoints

Elevate your cybersecurity defence with our endpoint protection capabilities. With real-time monitoring, advanced self-tuning threat detection algorithms, and automated response mechanisms, we provide comprehensive protection for your endpoints.

Our customisable settings allow for easy management and fine-tuning of protection protocols, making it simple for businesses to have 360° control over their secure digital environment.

Out-of-the-box detections

Reduce false positives and improve alert quality without complex tuning and maintenance. Our Universal Sensor performs deep-packet inspection of data across identity, endpoint, network, and cloud – all whilst being aligned with our threat-centric approach and mapped to the ATT&CK framework.

Leveraging our advanced and proprietary AI analytics, our platform adaptively learns from each interaction ensuring that only genuine risks to your business require your attention and action.

Investigate & Respond
Investigate to mitigate

Streamline investigation and response to stop attacks fast. Our context-rich alerts and intuitive interface empower analysts to quickly understand each alert and its implications, so they can take immediate action.

Our one-click containment drastically reduces risk. Remote endpoint access allows for in-depth endpoint analysis and incident response, all seamlessly integrated into a single platform.

Get the most value out of SenseOn

Communicate the value of your Security Operations to the business through our in-depth reporting features. Track how much time the product saves you, gain insights on the threat landscape faced by your business, and keep track of analyst activity.

Collaborate and share knowledge easily with built-in case management that can integrate with your existing workflow tools.

Helping you beyond just providing a great product

For companies without a dedicated security team, or those in need of additional support, our expert security team provides a 24/7 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service to continuously monitor your security alerts and ensure rapid, efficient incident response.

Enquire about our MDR service or retainer options here.


Find out what SenseOn can do for you.

Loved by teams and companies you know

Whether you are a large organisation with mature cyber teams or a smaller business with no SOC teams whatsoever, SenseOn can provide you with a tailored, cost-effective solution to keep you protected from threats.

Don’t take our word for it

“With SenseOn, we were able to obtain more security coverage at the same cost as our previous XDR solution. We asked the SenseOn’s SOC teams to proactively hunt threats, which uncovered vulnerabilities that we weren’t able to mitigate in the past. As a result, SenseOn’s product and services allowed our teams at Boohoo to be more efficient and save more money down the line.”

– Dorian Skeete, Head of Information Security at Boohoo

“We just put SenseOn in and let it flow. There was minimal time for implementation. Nothing we’ve ever put in has shown value so quickly. We have gone from not having a security team, to having a security team as a result of SenseOn.”

– Matt Blee, Cyber Security Manager at Yeo Valley

“SenseOn was the toolset we’d been missing. As a small business, we need to have the same level of protection against threats as the big players, but we don’t have the budget to employ dedicated security specialists and this is where SenseOn comes in.”

– Andrew Walles, IT Solutions Architect at Harbottle and Lewis

“SenseOn is our most valuable security tool due to its ease of use and ability to detect across the estate. The speed of customer service is a huge benefit – I can use the intercom and within minutes, I have a response and someone helping me build a query or general support where I have a knowledge gap.”

– Jim Newman, Senior VP of Information Security at Kidsloop

“We were keen to utilise new and innovative technology to defend our organisation. We spent a lot of time looking at more conventional solutions, but only SenseOn offered the functionality we wanted at a sensible price point.”

– Adrian Moore, IT Director at bpha

“SenseOn is what you look for in a partner. They have been amazing to work with and dedicated to the success of Advantage and protecting our business.”

– Steven Young, VP of Information Security

See what SenseOn can do for you

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  • Reduce workload without compromising defence
  • Complete end-to-end visibility
  • Automate response and remediation

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