Self-driving cyber defence
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Automate investigation

Senseon’s AI Triangulation thinks like a human analyst to automate the process of threat detection, investigation and response, increasing your team’s efficiency.


Consolidate your tools

Displace the need for multiple security tools with one cohesive platform, providing complete visibility across the entire digital estate.


Achieve ‘inbox zero’

Accurate detection and alerting enable IT and security teams to cut through the noise and focus on genuine threats, helping you achieve ‘inbox zero’.


Discover the self-driving cyber defence platform

Senseon’s unique ‘AI Triangulation’ technology emulates how a human security analyst thinks and acts to automate the process of threat detection, investigation and response. By looking at the behaviours of users and devices from multiple perspectives, pausing for thought and learning from experience, Senseon provides accurate and context-rich alerts. These automated capabilities free security teams from the burden of exhaustive analysis, alert fatigue and false positives.

Designed to help security and IT professionals of all experience levels, find out more:


From family-run offices to global financial services firms, Senseon’s AI Triangulation technology is helping organisations of all sizes to overcome their security challenges.

Real-world example of weekly activity within a 400 person organisation

Automated threat detection, investigation and response

Senseon helps teams to identify and resolve important threats quickly by cutting through the vast amount of noise to surface important, genuine and malicious activity for your attention.

Gathering intelligence from the richest sources of data across your digital estate, Senseon provides unparalleled visibility. Analysts can perform threat hunting and analysis on this raw data.

Security Observations are automatically generated by the system. This is where other security tools would raise an alert for manual investigation. Instead, Senseon continues the automated investigation, linking together related Observations from the events and behaviours of users and devices.

The result is accurate, context-rich threat Cases. Senseon's automated investigation combats false positive alerts and helps teams to reduce and prioritise their workload.


Customer case study: DivideBuy

DivideBuy, a UK-based fin-tech company were looking for a security solution to augment their team's existing capabilities, and to continue to support their ongoing business growth.


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This 2019 report investigates the current security landscape of SMEs. From the adoption of AI and common attacks, to the differing needs of both new and established businesses.


See Senseon in action

Join David Atkinson, Senseon Founder and CEO, as he walks you through the platform, explains the technology architecture and discusses the unique advantages of AI Triangulation.