SenseOn launches Cloud Native Security offering with container monitoring for AWS ECS Fargate

This new and comprehensive solution will increase security coverage to businesses adopting cloud-native architecture containerisation

London, UK. 16th June 2023SenseOn, a leader in consolidated cyber defence systems, encompassing EDR, NDR, SOAR, SIEM, and AV, have today announced their latest cloud native protection offering with container monitoring for AWS ECS Fargate. This will provide customers with increased security coverage in adopting cloud-native architecture and containerisation to alleviate one of the most significant challenges of evolving IT infrastructure.

This new offering will add another layer of visibility to SenseOn’s already extensive single-system platform, leveraging advanced analytics and threat detection capabilities to allow customers to quickly identify security incidents in their containerised environments. 

SenseOn can also provide real-time visibility into container activity, allowing security teams to detect and investigate anomalous behaviour or potential threats. Beyond containers, SenseOn can support businesses by monitoring and alerting within cloud-based infrastructure including Microsoft 365/Sentinel, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. Bringing this all together within a single platform, with analytics able to correlate data from across sources, creates greater visibility and awareness of potential threats within modern cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Containerisation has become a popular method of managing applications and services, with usage growing rapidly across a broad range of industries, and bringing security challenges with it. 

IT leaders cite security as the most significant challenge to organisations looking to adopt and easily deploy containerisation at speed, and the associated threats are growing in parallel.

“This product offering contributes significantly to one of SenseOn’s key strategic pillars of ‘Detecting Threats Everywhere’”, said David Atkinson, CEO at SenseOn. “We are committed to increasing the depth and breadth of detections across a variety of IT environments to ensure as much of our customers’ attack surface as possible is monitored. Starting the journey of container monitoring with AWS ECS Fargate customers is consistent with our approach of helping medium-large enterprises who may not have the resources to design, manage and administer container environments or multiple security tools.”

About SenseOn 

Founded in 2017 by David Atkinson, the first cyber specialist in the United Kingdom’s specialist military units, SenseOn dramatically reduces noise from rapidly-increasing volumes of data, consolidates your security stack, and gives you full visibility into your cloud and on-prem IT infrastructure. The SenseOn platform captures all endpoint and network data natively in a consistent format and automatically contextualises this data, providing security teams with the necessary context to thoroughly understand and remediate threats. This unique approach to cybersecurity means that security teams can use a single system to capture rich data from across their estate in one unified data model without incurring the resource, inefficiency and financial costs associated with using several disparate security tools or from tools which are simply integrating disparate data under the hood.

SenseOn brings together cyber security experts, former government cyber operatives and applied machine learning specialists. Spearheading a new approach to security, SenseOn has been named Cybersecurity Innovation of the Year and is a World Economic Forum technology pioneer.