SenseOn launches Active Response tool

New capability will empower cybersecurity and IT professionals with a Python-based remote access system for endpoints

London, UK. 26th September 2023SenseOn, a leader in consolidated cyber defence systems, encompassing EDR, NDR, SOAR, SIEM, and AV, have today announced their latest product, Active Response. Active Response allows security teams to remotely perform forensic security analysis and conduct incident response in a way that can be easily automated as repeatable playbooks. With Active Response, customers gain real-time access to endpoints, allowing them to detect, investigate, and remediate security issues rapidly, safeguarding their systems from potential threats.

Active Response provides additional capabilities for deep endpoint investigation and incident response without leaving the SenseOn platform. Responders can complete deeper analysis directly on the endpoint, as well as conduct remedial action. Leveraging the collection and analysis of data from a variety of sources and allowing users to transition seamlessly from other key tasks in the SenseOn platform towards other tasks such as investigation and threat hunting. 

IT and cybersecurity professionals often face significant challenges when responding to incidents. Identifying and accessing affected endpoints remotely can be time-consuming and complex, leading to delayed response times and potential security breaches. These are key areas that SenseOn hopes Active Response will alleviate by allowing users real-time remote access to endpoints.

Resellers taking their first steps towards becoming MS(S)Ps often do not have tools to specifically access customer devices remotely, or perform deeper endpoint investigations in the event of an incident. This results in them using workarounds which may waste time, effort and ultimately be less secure for their customers. It is imperative for customers and service providers to build a strong level of trust. Nonauditable, insecure or fragmented software can break that trust. Active Response aims to address this issue by unifying these disparate tools, software and approaches under the SenseOn platform in secure and auditable ways.

Active Response does not require new software to be installed, and can be deployed using the existing SenseOn Universal sensor.

“Active Response will work as a game-changing technology for our clients, providing the ability to effortlessly isolate devices in the event of a potential breach. SenseOn only sends alerts when there is a high likelihood of threats, so the ability to contain these with the click of a button has been re-assuring to our Security Operations team.” said David Atkinson, CEO at SenseOn.  “With Active Response, incident response times for our customers will significantly decrease. The remote access tool will allow them to access endpoints in real time, enabling the tackling of security incidents with speed and precision. It’s an invaluable addition to our product offering, and our customer’s defensive toolkit.” 

About SenseOn 

Founded in 2017 by David Atkinson, the first cyber specialist in the United Kingdom’s specialist military units, SenseOn dramatically reduces noise from rapidly-increasing volumes of data, consolidates your security stack, and gives you full visibility into your cloud and on-prem IT infrastructure. The SenseOn platform captures all endpoint and network data natively in a consistent format and automatically contextualises this data, providing security teams with the necessary context to thoroughly understand and remediate threats. This unique approach to cybersecurity means that security teams can use a single system to capture rich data from across their estate in one unified data model without incurring the resource, inefficiency and financial costs associated with using several disparate security tools or from tools which are simply integrating disparate data under the hood.

SenseOn brings together cyber security experts, former government cyber operatives and applied machine learning specialists. Spearheading a new approach to security, SenseOn has been named Cybersecurity Innovation of the Year and is a World Economic Forum technology pioneer.