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SenseOn’s Universal Sensor is a cross platform software program that enables the SenseOn system to extract network telemetry whilst unifying it at source with the endpoint data. The Universal Sensor also provides visibility of network traffic from public cloud environments without the need for dedicated virtual servers, TAPs or paying for VPC flow data. SenseOn works straight out of the box.

Hybrid deployment

Deploy physical and virtual appliances within the same estate. In some instances, it may be beneficial to deploy a cloud-based analysis appliance in conjunction with on-premise virtual or hardware appliances, for example in organisations with large IOT environments. At the centre of a hybrid deployment is a virtual analysis appliance hosted in SenseOn’s public cloud infrastructure. After the appliance is installed, SenseOn probe appliances can also be deployed at your sites to capture network traffic and send it to the virtual analysis appliance. SenseOn is then deployed on endpoints and telemetry is sent back to the SenseOn analysis appliance over the internet on port 443.

Multi-site physical deployment

For many networks, it will not be possible to capture all network traffic of interest from a single location. Where there are multiple internet breakout locations or services distributed across multiple locations, capturing network traffic from physically separated infrastructure may be required. At the centre of a multi-site deployment is a physical analysis appliance, which will be installed on-premise at one of the office or data centre locations. SenseOn probe appliances can be deployed at additional locations to capture network traffic and can be either physical or virtual. The endpoint agents will send their data back to the SenseOn analysis appliance over the local network.


SenseOn’s Endpoint Network Sensor (EPNS) is a feature that enables the system to extract the same network telemetry as an appliance on a mirror or TAP using only endpoint agents. EPNS enables a deployment to be expanded by only installing software as opposed to hardware.

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