59% of cyber security professionals believe a critical national infrastructure attack is likely to hit the UK in 2019.


Cyber security solutions for critical national infrastructure

Industry challenges

Before the Information Age, critical national infrastructure (CNI) meant power and transport. Today, when everything is digital and connected to the Internet, CNI’s reach encompasses transport, telecommunications, public health, finance, security, and practically every other industry. What separates CNI is the understanding that it is deployed on a large scale, and that when it goes wrong, it affects large swathes of society. When breached, even something as simple as traffic light systems can be manipulated to cause chaos. The proliferation of IoT brings mass produced, often poorly secured devices, both those that fall under IT and OT, under the scope of cyber security. Any company that deploys nationwide and whose operation is crucial to society’s smooth functioning has an obligation to look towards securing their contribution towards CNI.

How Senseon helps the critical national infrastructure sector

Senseon’s accurate threat detection and response can greatly mitigate these risks. By deploying on a company’s endpoints and network, and by using Investigator Bots in the cloud to provide an outside point of view, Senseon offers security teams complete visibility over their entire digital estate. Senseon’s blending together of these ‘senses’ - a process known as AI Triangulation - enables the platform to detect even the most subtle and complex of cyber threats. Senseon’s contextual understanding of threats allows it to reason and pause for thought, ensuring that only genuine alerts are raised for the attention of security teams, saving them their time, and their money.

Lack of commitment to secure critical infrastructure is the worst sort of negligence. Forget what the regulators demand – organisations should take the initiative and secure assets based on a proportionate cyber security and business-led risk assessment.
— Nigel Stanley, CTO and Global Head of OT Cyber Security at TÜV Rheinland

Watch the Senseon Demo

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson will introduce you to the Senseon platform and walk you through its advanced threat detection capabilities.