How SenseOn helped Oil Nut Bay “connect the dots” in their network

Business background

On a beautiful sunswept island in the Caribbean, Oil Nut Bay offers its guests and residents a luxurious resort and community of over 100 home sites. Homeowners

are able to design and build their dream island homes. Only accessible by water or helicopter, Oil Nut Bay is perfect for families seeking the comfort, safety and seclusion of their own private island.

On Oil Nut Bay is where you will find Vinod Biscette, a passionate IT professional with

20 years’ experience across both public and private sectors. As the Technology Services Manager, Vinod is responsible for Oil Nut Bay’s entire IT infrastructure. Vinod takes great pride in providing a world-class service and nurturing the technological growth for Oil Nut Bay’s community of guests and residents.

As part of a 2020 strategy to improve their security posture, Vinod and the executive team were looking for a leading technology that would help them protect their corporate infrastructure and keep their guests and residents secure.

Specific challenges

Oil Nut Bay were aware of the growing threat landscape and desired a greater level of granularity and visibility of events across their digital estate. Whilst perimeter defences are an essential part of any security stack, they alone were not able to provide the visibility or depth of knowledge and context that Oil Nut Bay required.

As with many organisations, dedicating enough resources to investigating potential threats can be challenging for Vinod and his team. Security tools often produce far too many alerts for teams to deal with and without context can make the process of investigating threats complex and time consuming. These challenges are exacerbated by false positive alerts which waste precious time. The team at Oil Nut Bay needed to prioritise their workload and resources between multiple projects as well as investigating threats.

In his efforts to evolve Oil Nut Bay’s security posture, Vinod wanted to move from a reactive method of responding to incidents, to a more robust and proactive approach that would ensure critical threats, such as Ransomware, could be halted. 

Choosing and deploying the right technology

Before choosing SenseOn, Vinod and the team considered alternative tools from vendors including network traffic analysis and additional tools offered by their perimeter defence provider. However, they required a more consistent and real time platform that provided granularity into the events in their environment.

The installation and onboarding process were seamless due to the plug-and-play nature of SenseOn’s technology.

“We chose SenseOn because of its unique ability to connect the dots between endpoints, the network and external activity. Its automated detection and investigation provide relief and reduces the strain on our resources.”


With SenseOn in place, Vinod and the team now find confidence that they have the tools at their disposal to address their leading challenges and provide peace of mind.

SenseOn’s ability to look at threats from multiple perspectives across endpoint devices, the network and external Investigator Microservices provides the granularity and event-centric intelligence that Oil Nut Bay desired.

“It’s more than just increasing our visibility of threats in our environment; we can now understand the footprint of our infrastructure and benchmark what normal activity and behaviour looks like.”

SenseOn’s ability to automate the process of threat detection and investigation through AI Triangulation allows the team at Oil Nut Bay to focus their resources on high- priority and malicious activity without the distraction caused by over-alerting or false positives.

For Oil Nut Bay, moving from a reactive, post-event approach towards a more proactive solution was vital. SenseOn Reflex’s ability to automatically halt aggressive, in-progress threats, such as Ransomware, was a ‘game-changer’.

“SenseOn has helped us move from a reactive, post-event monitoring approach to one of awareness and confidence.”

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