50% of small/medium-sized manufacturing companies have experienced a cyber attack.


Cyber security solutions for manufacturing and automotive

Industry challenges

OT is greatly utilised in the automotive and manufacturing industries alongside regular IT. Whilst OT is often air gapped from the Internet, poor security practices can result in malware being carried into secure systems, for example, by plugging in USB sticks that have previously interacted with computers connected to the Internet. For systems that aren’t air gapped, malicious actors can make their way in via more traditional methods, such as phishing. Nation states, hacktivists, and even unintentional ‘spill-over’ attacks may all have a role to play in undermining these OT systems once breached. Both the automotive and the manufacturing industries have a wealth of IP and customer data that, if not properly secured, could be stolen and sold for a great deal of money to the right bidder.

How Senseon helps the automotive and manufacturing sectors

Senseon’s threat detection and response offers the automotive and manufacturing industries unparalleled visibility across their entire digital estates. By blending together ‘senses’ on the endpoints, both IT and OT, on the networks, and on Investigator Bots located in the cloud, Senseon is able to accurately detect even the most subtle and complex of cyber threats. This blending together of Senses - a process known as AI Triangulation - allows Senseon to pause for thought and reason about threats, ensuring it raises only genuine alerts for the attention of security teams. This dramatic reduction in the number of false positives saves security teams their time, and their money, allowing them to focus their efforts on what really matters: dealing with genuine threats.

As technology and data start to play increasingly critical roles in manufacturing, companies will inevitably find themselves more vulnerable to cyber breaches.
— Lee Hopley, Chief Economist, EEF

Watch the Senseon Demo

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson will introduce you to the Senseon platform and walk you through its advanced threat detection capabilities.