51% of media and entertainment companies experienced three or more cyber attacks in the last twelve months.


Cyber security solutions for media and entertainment

Industry challenges

While the traditional theft of customer data affects the media and entertainment industries too, the most significant problem is IP theft and piracy. With often large numbers of people involved in the production of content, and with so much of that production outsourced, the attack surface is large and disparate. From Game of Thrones to The Interview, these hacks garner great publicity. This negative attention can be extremely difficult for those who rely on their reputation in order to produce content, such as news and current affairs. The hope of causing such reputational damage cannot be discounted as a motivation, as we saw with the attributed North Korean attack on Sony Pictures.

How Senseon helps the media and entertainment sectors

Senseon’s unparalleled insight across an organisation offers it the unique opportunity to defend against threats anywhere within its digital estate. By deploying on endpoints, and across the network, Senseon is able to learn an organisation’s characteristic behaviour. With Investigator Bots looking at potential threats from an outside point of view, Senseon blends together its ‘senses’ - a process unique to Senseon known as AI Triangulation - to develop a contextual understanding of the alert. By accurately identifying threats within the organisation, Senseon can among other things quickly detect any suspicious movements of data, preventing exfiltration of sensitive information.

For smaller [media] organisations, a cyber attack could potentially compromise and bankrupt the business altogether.
— Scott Borg, US Cyber Consequences Unit

Senseon Value Assessment

The Value Assessment helps media and entertainment organisations understand the value of deploying Senseon in their environments. Over a 4-week period, the Senseon team will work closely with you to run an efficient and effective assessment. The aim of the Value Assessment is to give you a taste of running Senseon within your organisation and to help you make a well-informed internal business case for a Senseon deployment.