Meet the team


David Atkinson, Founder and CEO

David has over fifteen years’ experience working within the UK’s specialist military units and government environments, where he was the first cyber operative. During David’s time within government and whilst working alongside CISOs, he realised current approaches to cyber defence were flawed and that new technology was needed.

David has brought together a team of experts that have built a truly unique cyber defence platform. His sense of camaraderie, instilled by his military background, has created a collaborative working culture, nurtured by an extremely bright, dedicated and passionate team.


Kate Kuehn, CEO, USA

Kate Kuehn has been an active thought leader in Security & Advanced Network Technologies for close to 20 years. She led some of the industry’s first projects in DDOS, Ethernet as a network (CPA), SaaS and IaaS. Previously, Kate worked in Security and emerging technologies for companies like Wandera, BT & Verizon. Her main areas of focus include the role of security within digital transformation initiatives, diversity & STEAM outreach.

Kate leads Senseon’s expansion into the Americas with a primary focus on USA operations. Her expertise and passion for innovative technology compliments the Senseon vision, helping organisations better leverage AI and machine learning threat detection within their environments.


James Mistry, CTO

For the past 8 years, James has specialised in the development of high-concurrent, high-speed network data processing software used to create cutting-edge cyber defence platforms for major corporate and government organisations across the world. His specialist knowledge has allowed him to lead teams from the UK to New Zealand, to develop these innovative cyber capabilities.

James’ passion for cyber brought him to Senseon where he is now the Director of Technology. He has used his expertise to develop and deliver Senseon’s unique approach to solving the rapidly evolving and ongoing cyber security challenges faced by businesses today.


Frances Ritson, Chief of Staff

Frances’ 9 years experience in professional consulting and events & project management involved managerial and partnership positions.

At Senseon, Frances is Chief of Staff, supporting David the CEO across many areas of the business. She is responsible for Operations and Processes across Finance, Legal, HR and Recruitment as well as special projects. Along with David, Frances is passionate in growing Senseon and promoting its exciting AI story through creating an exceptional team culture and sourcing top global talent to join Senseon across all departments.


Dr Neil Caithness, Chief Data Scientist

Neil has an extensive academic background as a research leader in the Department of Engineering at the University of Oxford. His dedication and tenacity allowed him to develop and publish completely new statistical techniques and anomaly detection to operate on Industrial Big Data at scale.

Neil has brought his academic expertise to his Senior AI Engineering role at Senseon, where he continues his research and leads the data science function. He closely collaborates with the threat analytics team to develop Senseon’s state-of-the-art Sensory AI for cyber defence.


Brad Freeman, Head of Threat Analytics

Brad has over a decade of experience in conducting national cyber security investigations across critical national infrastructure and telecommunications sectors. He has led threat hunting teams at corporations such as BT, managed Security Operations at EE as well as performing incident response on offshore Oil & Gas platforms.

Drawing upon his extensive experience and knowledge, including CISSP & CISM certifications, Brad leads the threat analytics team at Senseon. He applies ML and AI to automate the process of detecting and investigating cyber adversaries, overall specialises in uncovering advanced actors within customer environments.


Dr Ivan Nedjalkov, Senior Data Scientist

Whilst attaining a Masters & PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Nagoya University in Japan, Ivan worked on many data science projects. He has also been exposed to the commercial world with his involvement in credit risk analysis in the financial sector.

The expert knowledge he gained in these areas has proven invaluable for his work at Senseon where he works as a Data Scientist, focusing on building and maintaining the data pipelines and supervised and unsupervised machine learning.


Peppa Wise, Head of Sales

Peppa’s sales career has taken her to the Middle East and Europe where she developed a strong direct sales ability and led extremely successful sales teams. She worked for a global cyber security company where she contributed to business development and was responsible for closing their first accounts in the Middle East.

As Head of Sales at Senseon, Peppa focuses on both business development and the account executive function. She is responsible for inspiring the passionate sales team who are bringing Senseon’s innovative technology to market to solve common problems in the cyber industry.


Ben Wheeler, Head of Marketing

Over the past decade, Ben has worked on some of the leading and award-winning AI technologies in cyber security, legal tech and computer vision software and has worked for global brands such as the BBC, Universal Pictures and Warner Music. He has considerable experience in bringing AI-led brands and applications to market.

Ben’s exposure to various tech start-ups at their formation has exposed him to a range of business functions such as creative, sales, marketing and tech. Ben has brought this experience to Senseon as the Head of Marketing.