In 2015, 1 in 6 construction firms were affected by a cyber attack.


Cyber security solutions for engineering and construction

Industry challenges

A single project, from building a nuclear power plant to building a house, involves a comparatively large number of different organisations, many of whom will share data with each other electronically. This extensive supply chain creates a vast number of entry points for attackers to attempt to exploit, with the result that just one company with weak cyber security can undermine the whole supply chain. Whilst ransomware may offer the quickest way to make a profit, APTs may focus on securing IP or other important internal information. In an industry where reputation and reliability is key, strong defences have never been so important.

How Senseon helps the engineering and construction sectors

Senseon’s unique AI Triangulation blends together it’s ‘senses’ across an organisation’s endpoints and network, and across Investigator Bots, which are utilised to provide an outside point of view on potential threats. This Sensory AI ensures that only accurate alerts are raised for the attention of the security team, whilst still offering them total visibility across their organisation’s entire digitale state. This dramatic reduction in false positives enables the simplification of security stacks, saving organisations time and money whilst providing them with a formidable reputation as a bastion of defence against cyber threats.


Senseon Value Assessment

The Value Assessment helps engineering and construction firms understand the value of deploying Senseon in their environments. Over a 4-week period, the Senseon team will work closely with you to run an efficient and effective assessment. The aim of the Value Assessment is to give you a taste of running Senseon within your organisation and to help you make a well-informed internal business case for a Senseon deployment.