In 2018, Atlanta spent more than $2.6m responding to a debilitating ransomware attack on the city.


Cyber security solutions for government and defence

Industry challenges

Encompassing tens of thousands of employees spread across the globe, often literally in every country, the size of governments’ digital estates is a match for the world’s largest private sector companies. When the vast number of connected devices in today’s military is taken into account, the surface area for attacks against governments is enormous. Every connected device, from the telephone of the intern to the ‘football’ of the US President, needs to be properly secured. Given the proliferation of IoT, and the attractive target that weak government digital infrastructure presents to anarchists, terrorists, and other nation-states, cyber security is a very real issue. Just one poorly defended endpoint or network could be the foothold attackers need to wreak untold damage on a national, or even an international, scale.

How Senseon helps the government and defence sectors

Senseon combats this threat by deploying on all of the endpoints and networks within an organisation’s digital estate, offering security teams unparalleled visibility. Furthermore, Investigator Bots are used to offer an outside point of view on potential threats. By autonomously blending together these ‘senses’ - a process known as AI Triangulation - Senseon is able to raise only accurate threat alerts for the attention of security teams. This reduces the number of false positives, simplifies the security stack, and saves an organisation time and money, all whilst increasing the strength of its security posture.

We can never become complacent. Just as the threat from cyber criminals and hostile nation states continues to evolve, so too much we continue to innovate, and to re-focus our efforts to bring about a step-change in our response.
— The Rt Hon David Lidington CBE MP

Watch the Senseon Demo

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson will introduce you to the Senseon platform and walk you through its advanced threat detection capabilities.