The education sector accounted for 13% of all data security breaches during the first half of 2017, resulting in the compromise of some 32 million personal records.


Cyber security solutions for education

Industry challenges

The education sector is a goldmine of opportunity for cyber-attackers. As well as containing a wealth of data on individuals that can be used for phishing purposes, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, higher education institutes may also contain valuable cutting-edge research. Insecure systems can present malicious actors with the opportunity to steal a wealth of IP, or vast ranges of credentials to be used in future attacks. The comparatively young age of many users in the digital estate can often make it easier for hackers to make their way into systems, as they take advantage of the relative inexperience and immaturity. Furthermore, the frequent use of web content filtering can often provoke users into trying to find ways around it, further increasing the risk of users coming across unsavoury websites and their malware.

How Senseon helps the education sector

Senseon offers security teams unparalleled visibility across their entire digital estates. By deploying on endpoints and networks, and by using Investigator Bots in the cloud, Senseon is able to blend together its ‘senses’ - a process called AI Triangulation - to find even the most subtle and complex of threats. In this way Senseon is able to dramatically reduce false positives, ensuring that it raises only actionable and accurate alerts for the attention of security teams. This save them time and money, and allows them to focus on what really matters: dealing with genuine threats.

Schools hold interesting and often quite sensitive information. That means they are a target.
— Faith Parish, Education Director at Ecclesiastical

Senseon Value Assessment

The Value Assessment helps educational organisations understand the value of deploying Senseon in their environments. Over a 4-week period, the Senseon team will work closely with you to run an efficient and effective assessment. The aim of the Value Assessment is to give you a taste of running Senseon within your organisation and to help you make a well-informed internal business case for a Senseon deployment.