Senseory AI for cyber defence
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Sensory AI for threat detection

Senseon’s multiple threat detection senses work together to detect malicious activity across an organisation’s entire digital estate, covering the gaps that single point solutions create.


Automate investigation

Senseon’s AI Triangulation thinks like a human analyst to automate the process of threat investigation and response, making your team more efficient


Simplify the security stack

Senseon displaces the need for multiple tools with one cohesive platform, providing complete visibility across the entire digital estate 


Reduce false positives

Meaningful, accurate alerts allow IT and security teams to focus on investigating genuine threats and achieve ‘inbox zero’


Senseon is the next phase of AI for cyber defence, moving beyond rules-based systems that are too rigid to keep pace with emerging cyber threats and ineffective AI systems that cannot differentiate between unusual behaviour and malicious activity, often resulting in flooding security teams with false positive alerts.

Senseon has developed Sensory AI for cyber defence. Just as living creatures use their senses in harmony to better understand their surroundings and potential predatory threats, Senseon harnesses its multiple senses to understand more about anomalous behaviour, building a richer and clearer picture of threats. This means it can detect and investigate attacks that other systems cannot. Senseon protects against all threat types, no matter how subtle, from insider threat to advanced malicious attacks.


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The state of cyber security - SME report 2019

From the evolving threat landscape and common attacks, to the differing requirements between new and established SMEs, this report considers their needs from a variety of angles including the role that AI is playing in this rapidly changing industry.

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Sensory AI for Cyber Defence

This paper outlines how technology, and specifically an enhanced artificial intelligence approach, is helping security and IT teams work smarter to focus their efforts where they matter most – dealing with genuine cyber threats.

Award winning technology

Senseon takes home 2 awards for its AI Triangulation

Senseon achieves ‘Outstanding Automation Security’ and ‘Best Emerging Technology in AI’ awards at the inaugural Computing AI and Machine Learning awards 2019.


AI Triangulation


Senseon's unique AI Triangulation understands and correlates all information gathered across the endpoints, networks, and Investigator Bots. This allows Senseon to follow the path of an attack from multiple perspectives.


About AI Triangulation


Senseon’s AI Triangulation spots the subtlest threats that single-point solutions miss.

Senseon uses unique AI Triangulation to understand and correlate all information gathered across the network, endpoint devices, cloud environments and Investigator Bots. This conversation-like approach allows Senseon to follow the path of an attack from multiple perspectives as it moves among devices or the network, understanding its characteristics and features to build a complete picture of the threat.


Next-level machine learning

AI Triangulation allows Senseon to better detect all types of threat, no matter how subtle. Senseon’s machine learning adapts to organisations’ environments, learning behaviours across the network, users and devices.


Go beyond the anomaly

AI Triangulation enables Senseon to see beyond the anomaly, providing more accurate threat detection and higher confidence results, meaning false positives are reduced and security teams save valuable time.


Automate investigation

Due to greater context and understanding, Senseon is able to automate the investigation of suspicious activity, only surfacing threats which need further investigation.


"CISOs see real value in the way Senseon’s product - through the use of AI Triangulation and Sensory AI - can provide them with one cohesive platform that protects their organization from emerging threats, essentially replacing the need to purchase multiple single-point solutions."

Grace Cassy, Co-Founder


The Senseon Platform

The Senseon platform has been designed for security professionals of all levels, from IT teams and CISOs to experienced cyber analysts.


About the

The Senseon platform seamlessly understands and correlates data across the entire digital estate, including endpoints, the network, cloud services and Investigator Bots to build a complete picture of threat. The Senseon platform is simple to use but not at the expense of losing functionality or capability and has been designed for security professionals of all levels, from IT teams and CISOs to experienced cyber analysts.

Senseon’s unique AI Triangulation prioritises and surfaces only malicious activity, allowing security teams to focus on what matters – dealing with genuine threat.


Visualise threat cases

Threat cases are visualised in a step-by-step, narrative format and classified using a standard attack framework, providing more context and assisting with investigation.

Intuative inteface

Intuitive interface

Senseon has simplified the process of threat investigation for analysts, and enables CISOs and managers to be better equipped for managing threat.

Complete visibility

Complete visibility

Senseon covers the entire digital estate, giving organisations unparalleled insight into the behaviour of their network, users and devices.


Read the product sheet

The product overview outlines Senseon's unique Sensory AI approach, as well as the benefits of using the Senseon platform and more information about how Senseon provides more accurate threat detection.