Increase accuracy

Senseon gathers raw data across endpoint devices and the network to increase the accuracy of threat detection


Simplify the security stack

All-in-one platform with complete visibility across the entire digital estate displaces the need for multiple tools 


Automate investigation

Senseon automates the process of investigation to separate benign from genuine 


A simplified approach

Long, complex, and expensive to configure, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools are notoriously difficult to set up and maintain. These issues have left IT and security professionals demanding increased value and looking for more practical and budget-effective solutions that are easier to deploy.

Senseon offers a unique and innovative AI-led approach to cyber threat detection and response. This award-winning platform displaces the need for SIEMs as well as single-point tools, by detecting threats across the entire organisation including endpoint devices, the network and by gathering additional external intelligence through its use of Investigator Bots.

‘AI Triangulation’ at the heart of the Senseon platform blends together these multiple senses to provide actionable alerts, rich in context. The automation of investigation allows analysts and IT teams to focus their efforts on genuine threats instead of sifting through logs and piecing together the outputs from different tools.

Removing layers of complexity

SIEMs rely on the output of multiple other tools from different vendors that were not designed to communicate, share information or work with one another. Therefore, SIEMs have to stitch together the information outputted by these disparate tools.

SIEMs can only be as good as the underlying tools used by an organisation. Constant technological innovation in the cyber security industry means that tools become redundant faster than ever before. SIEMs inherit the weaknesses of tools that are no longer fit for purpose.

Senseon’s all-in-one platform approach was built from the ground up to allow the autonomous communication between each of its components across the entire business estate, including endpoint devices, the network, and Investigator Bots. So rather than relying on a SIEM to simply aggregate information, Senseon is able to make sense of suspicious behaviour and activity.

The value of real time data

As already highlighted, the capability of SIEMs is limited to the underlying tools in place. If these tools aren't gathering relevant data or are producing false positive alerts then the SIEM can do nothing but absorb this secondhand information and pass it on. SIEMs are often not able to provide real time alerting as log ingestion and data analysis times can be lengthy.

Senseon is able to gather very rich information because it collects raw data directly from endpoint devices and the network. This enables Senseon to carry out real time automated investigations, dismissing what is merely unusual and prioritising and alerting on what is genuine and malicious.

Reduce false positives

As rules-based SIEMs’ detection systems raise anything remotely suspicious for security analysts to investigate, overwhelming the team preventing them from properly securing their digital estate from threats.

Senseon dramatically reduces false positives and uses AI to augment the analyst enabling sensory ai to emulate how an analyst thinks and acts. Automation detects more threats with faster degree of accuracy enabling "inbox zero" , helping security and IT teams work smarter to focus their efforts where they matter most – dealing with genuine cyber threats.


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“As a financial services business involved in deep tech investments, we take the security of our assets, team, and infrastructure very seriously. Before investing in Senseon, we trialled their cyber security platform. We were so impressed with the technology’s capabilities, the visibility that it gave us, and its ability to accurately detect threats, that we were able to stop using our SIEM tool and replaced it with Senseon.”

Nick Kingsbury, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners


Visualise threat cases

Threat cases are visualised in a step-by-step, narrative format and classified using a standard attack framework, providing more context and assisting with investigation.


Intuitive interface

Senseon has simplified the process of threat investigation for analysts, and enables CISOs and managers to be better equipped for managing threat.


Complete visibility

Senseon covers the entire digital estate, giving organisations unparalleled insight into the behaviour of their network, users and devices.