Senseon partner programme


The Senseon partner programme caters for MSSPs, Resellers (including VARs), and Introducers to sell, support and recommend Senseon’s unique technology and products in the global marketplace.

Senseon’s partner enablement allows partners to create new opportunities to grow their businesses quickly and make them more profitable. With access to exclusive resources and support from the Senseon team, partners are able to effectively deliver software, provide business services, create new opportunities, increase profitability, and close deals efficiently.

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Featured Partner: Bruce Brooker


As a Senseon partner, I operate as an introducer to businesses and decision makers who have a need for world class cyber security products. I work closely with all sizes of organisation, from SMEs to large enterprises, across a wide range of industries, and I help company decision makers understand the benefits that Senseon brings to their business.

I look for leading and market changing solutions where there are real benefits to the individuals and organisations that I work with. For me, Senseon excels in this category, and has brought a genuinely helpful technology to a market that is saturated by single-point and outmoded solutions.

I find the team extremely supportive and quick to respond to opportunities. Their ability to deliver a product that meets market demand, as well as their efficient sales cycle, makes Senseon a very smooth operation. I’ve always found the team to be driven, and their rapid growth is inspiring.


“Businesses need to be able to justify and rationalise the technology that they currently use. Senseon is the right team with the right technology at the right time, and I am proud to share in their success.”

Bruce Brooker, Senseon Partner