VAR/Reseller Partner Portal

The Senseon VAR/Reseller Partner Portal is home to everything you need to support your work as one of our valued partners.

Included are:

  • Details of the onboarding process

  • Ability to register leads

  • Access to sales tools and collateral

  • FAQs

If you need any additional guidance or have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your designated account manager or email


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Customer case studies

bpha  Not for profit

Not for profit

Harbottle & Lewis  Law firm

Harbottle & Lewis
Law firm

“Company F”  Financial services

“Company F”
Financial services

Product sheets

Senseon Pro  August 2019

Senseon Pro
August 2019

Senseon Enterprise  August 2019

Senseon Enterprise
August 2019

Senseon Reflex  August 2019

Senseon Reflex
August 2019

Other collateral

White Paper  August 2019

White Paper
August 2019

The state of cyber security SME report 2019

The state of cyber security SME report 2019

Value Assessment  August 2019

Value Assessment
August 2019



Sales tools

Pitching Senseon: training video

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Senseon highlights


Senseon Founder & CEO, David Atkinson, features in The Telegraph.

From Royal Marine to technology entrepreneur: how UK military veterans are fuelling Britain's booming cyber security industry

Senseon wins “Outstanding Automation Security” Award and “Best Emerging Technology in AI” Award in the Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards 2019

Senseon wins Development Team of the Year and Best ML/AI Project in the Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2019

We published a report on “The State of Cyber Security SME Report” which revealed 81% of SMEs believe that AI is fundamental to the future of cyber security



Working with Senseon

Augments the analyst through automated investigation – by thinking like a human analyst, Senseon reduces the burden of manual investigation, enabling security professionals to focus their efforts where they matter most: investigating genuine threats


Unique AI Triangulation
Seamless understanding of endpoint, network and investigator bot activity.

Simplify the security stack
Replaces the need for multiple, single-point tools with a platform approach saving customers money,

Reduce false positive alerts
Observing from multiple perspectives and applying context, to accurately detects threats

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the onboarding process?

You will initially have an introductory call with your designated Account Manager after which they will give you access to the partner portal. From here there are a few actions to take.

  1. Watch the perfect pitch video - A Senseon Account Manager will walk through the standard Senseon pitch and demo that is presented to customers at first meeting stage

  2. Read supporting collateral - including whitepaper, product sheet for Senseon Pro, Senseon Enterprise and Senseon Reflex 

  3. Arrange a call with account manager - to go through any questions or required refreshers from the video

  4. Start registering leads using our lead form

What industries and company sizes does Senseon work with?

Senseon is industry agnostic and can easily be deployed into companies of any size across multiple sites, countries, and continents. Senseon has divided its market into SME and Enterprise and offers a different threat detection and response platform for each. Senseon Pro is targeted at SMEs, while Senseon Enterprise is targeted at larger customers. The Senseon platform is linearly scalable, and its pre-configured, plug-and-play method of deployment requires minimal effort from our customers. Senseon can easily scale with companies as they grow in size, expand into new territories, and see increased traffic.

What job roles do we mainly work with?

We tend to work with CISOs, CIOs, Heads of Cyber Security as these are the decision makers and budget holders. However we have found a good response from the users of the product, such as Security Architecture and Security Analysts given our easy to use UI.

How do I register a lead?

To register a lead, complete the form above. Once submitted, we will check to ensure that the lead is not already registered, or if an existing lead is registered that it’s not being actively engaged. We aim to respond to you by with an email confirmation that the lead has been successfully registered and allocated to you within 24 hours.

Can I get training?

Yes, we provide commercial and technical training sessions depending on your needs.


For anymore questions please reach out to your Senseon Account Manager or contact