International intellectual-property theft costs the U.S. as much as $300 billion and 1.2 million jobs a year.


Cyber security solutions for technology

Industry challenges

In the Information Age, with technology underpinning almost every aspect of business, a cyber-attack against a company in this sector can often have far reaching consequences across other industries. For example, certificate authentication theft could allow malicious actors to perform man-in-the-middle attacks in any relevant sector. Technology companies should be particularly worried about IP theft, as millions poured into R&D can easily be lost to competitors, and data theft, which can cause severe reputational damage. The ‘open’ and ‘free’ environment of many technology companies, along with the propensity of employees in this sector to be early adopters of new devices, can leave these businesses open to cyber-threats.

How Senseon helps the technology sector

Senseon, by its unique blending of ‘senses’ across network, endpoints, and Investigator Bots - a process known as AI Triangulation - detects even the most advanced and subtle of threats. The platform learns behaviour specific to a given company, allowing it to distinguish merely unusual behaviour from that which is malicious. This ensures that Senseon not only detects threats with great accuracy, but that security teams are able to focus their energy where it matters most. In this way, the technology industry can protect itself from data and IP theft, as any genuinely malicious data moves will flag an alert for the security team.


Watch the Senseon Demo

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson will introduce you to the Senseon platform and walk you through its advanced threat detection capabilities.