Press Release: 5th March 2019

Senseon named ‘Hot Company - Cybersecurity AI’ 2019 by CDM


San Francisco, March 5, 2019 - Senseon has today been awarded Cyber Defence Magazine’s ‘Hot Company - Cybersecurity AI’ 2019. This prestigious award recognises Senseon’s various breakthroughs, including its unique approach, known as ‘AI Triangulation’, that helps organisations accurately detect threats and dramatically reduce false positive alerts. This ‘Hot Company’ award is presented to the organisation that CDM’s expert judging panel identifies as bringing a truly innovative and new approach to AI-led cyber threat detection.

Senseon’s ability to emulate how cyber security analysts think solves a number of perennial problems within the industry, fundamentally saving organisations precious time and money. The Senseon platform consists of several technological breakthroughs, including its ability to look at emerging behaviours from multiple different perspectives, pause for thought, and learn from experience.

Gary S. Miliefsky, CEO of Cyber Defense Media Group, said: “Isn’t it time to stop the breaches and get one step ahead of the next threat? Senseon has won this award because they are an innovator that might actually help you reach this goal and defeat the next generation of exploiters.”

“Having reviewed nearly 3,000 infosec companies globally, we selected Senseon because of their revolutionary approach to stopping attackers and their strong commitment to solving some very difficult industry problems.”

David Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Senseon, said: “We’re thrilled that our technology has been recognised by the world-renowned CDM InfoSec awards. When setting out to transform the industry’s approach to cyber defence, we had to overcome some very complex technical challenges. This award is testament to the amazing talent within the Senseon team and their dedication to making a real difference in helping over-burdened security professionals stay ahead of the evolving threats.”


About Senseon

Senseon is the next phase of AI for cyber defence, moving beyond rules-based systems that are too rigid to keep pace with emerging cyber-attacks or ineffective AI systems that  cannot differentiate between unusual behaviour and malicious threats. Unique to Senseon, ‘AI Triangulation’ understands and correlates threats across an organisation’s entire digital estate, providing much needed context and clarity in an increasingly noisy landscape. Founded in 2017, Senseon brings together cyber security experts, former government cyber operatives, and applied machine learning specialists. Headquartered in London, UK and Chicago, USA, Senseon also has a presence in the Middle East and Australia. Find out more at

About CDM InfoSec Awards

This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s seventh year of honoring InfoSec innovators. Our submission requirements are for any startup, early stage, later stage or public companies in the INFORMATION SECURITY (INFOSEC) space who believe they have a unique and compelling value proposition for their product or service. Learn more at

About the Judging

The judges are CISSP, FMDHS, CEH, certified security professionals who voted based on their independent review of the company submitted materials on the website of each submission including but not limited to data sheets, white papers, product literature, and other market variables. CDM has a flexible philosophy to find more innovative players with new and unique technologies, than the one with the most customers or money in the bank. CDM is always asking “What’s Next?” so we are looking for Next Generation InfoSec Solutions.