Senseon Reflex

Autonomous Response


Senseon Reflex is an autonomous threat response technology that works seamlessly within the Senseon platform to automatically stop in progress attacks before they can spread and cause damage. When it comes to threats such as ransomware, time is critical, and accurate, speedy threat detection and response capabilities are crucial. 

This cost-effective solution helps organisations deal with these challenges by automating the process of threat response and taking appropriate action on their behalf. In operation 24/7, Senseon Reflex works tirelessly to respond to threats, halting the progress of attacks before they become a problem, for example, by removing devices from the network. 

Some attacks spread too quickly for humans to respond to. Senseon empowers over-stretched security teams to stay ahead of threats, augmenting their capabilities and allowing them to focus their efforts where they are most needed. By building on the Senseon platform’s unique AI Triangulation technology, Reflex ensures that threat isolation only occurs when accurate alerts have been raised. 


Senseon Reflex vs WannaCry: from detection to response in just 8 seconds

Join Brad Freeman, Senseon’s Head of Threat Analytics, as he demonstrates a real-time detonation of the WannaCry ransomware and how Senseon Reflex is able to detect the attack and isolate the threat before it can spread.

In this short video, Brad will explain how Senseon Reflex stays ahead in the evolving threat landscape by stopping advanced attacks using behaviours rather than relying on rules or signatures from previously known threats.


Real-time, intelligent response

Stops genuine threats in seconds


Effortlessly configurable

Available in manual and automatic modes


In operation 24/7

Responds faster than security teams are able to


“Security teams regularly receive over 10,000 alerts a month. The abundance of false positives means genuine threats often get lost in the noise. Simply having an autonomous response tool is not enough. Senseon Reflex offers security teams added protection and context, reducing false positives and the burdens they place on overworked analyst teams.”

Jonathan Luff, Co-Founder