Threat Detection

Everything you need for threat detection

We use pattern, behaviour, statistical and anomaly-based detections to keep your digital estate safe.

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SenseOn’s threat detection library

SenseOn’s high-quality rules and signatures, or pattern matching analytics, are a powerful tool for threat detection. Driven by threat intelligence, we have designed a comprehensive library of detections which are deployed “live” into the platform at regular intervals.  

Machine learning and anomaly detection

SenseOn has developed a method of modelling typical user and device behaviour, identifying instances that do not conform to established baselines. We have designed a unique method of anomaly detection and classification that starts with unsupervised statistical learning, performs autonomous class labelling, and finally builds a supervised classification engine.

Cutting edge deception methods

SenseOn uses an array of deception techniques to prevent threats from entering your digital estate. Honey tokens and honey files are one method used by the SenseOn platform to detect threats such as CryptoLocker ransomware.

Threat Hunting in the SenseOn Platform

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