Endpoint Remediation

Automated endpoint remediation to identify and stop malicious attacks

Discover how SenseOn Resilience and Reflex can supplement your endpoint remediation capabilities.

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Endpoint remediation via SenseOn’s SOC

SenseOn Resilience is your last line of defence against threat actors. Resilience is a system-level shell used to remotely triage, and mitigate a compromised endpoint. Resilience allows SenseOn analysts to perform remote remediation against your devices, giving you around-the-clock protection.

Endpoint remediation and investigation with Resilience

SenseOn Resilience gives you the autonomy to remotely triage and mitigate compromised endpoints within your network. Resilience allows your analysts to perform remote remediation against your devices, giving you the ability to respond to threats quickly and securely.

Endpoint remediation via SenseOn Reflex

Reflex is SenseOn’s autonomous isolation capability, triggered by true-positives based on honey-files. Reflex can be used automatically or manually, after a trigger notification, so that you can isolate, investigate and remediate ransomware threats before they can compromise your network. 

SenseOn’s Endpoint Remediation Capabilities

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