Senseon’s automated investigation accurately detects and understands cyber threats, saving you time and resource.

Unique to Senseon, ‘AI Triangulation’ understands and correlates threats across an organisation’s entire digital estate, providing much needed context and clarity in an increasingly noisy landscape. This means it can detect and investigate attacks that other systems cannot and allows you to focus on what matters - investigating genuine threats.


Unique AI Triangulation

AI Triangulation allows Senseon to better detect all types of threat no matter how subtle, across endpoints, the network and investigator bots.


Simplify the security stack

Senseon helps companies to simplify their security stack with one cohesive platform that provides complete visibility across the entire digital estate.


Automate investigation

Due to greater context and understanding, Senseon is able to automate the investigation of suspicious activity, only surfacing threats which need further investigation.


"Real time machine learning technologies, like Senseon, are critical in helping organisations cut through the noise of their busy networks to identify the real threats."

Dr Ken Urquhart, Former Senior Director, Microsoft Alchemie Ventures, Consultant on AI/ML and Cyber Security



Download the white paper

This paper outlines how technology, and specifically an enhanced artificial intelligence approach, will help security and IT teams work smarter to focus their efforts where they matter most – dealing with genuine cyber threat.



The state of cyber security SME report 2019

‘The state of cyber security - SME report 2019’ builds on original research conducted by Senseon to better understand the cyber security challenges specific to small and medium sized businesses. From the evolving threat landscape and common attacks, to the differing requirements between new and established SMEs, this report considers their needs from a variety of angles including the role that AI is playing in this rapidly changing industry.