The average cost in time of a malware attack is 50 days.


Cyber security solutions for all

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Senseon is industry agnostic, and our aim throughout our platform’s development has always been to keep it that way. No matter what your business does, or how big it is, Senseon will protect you against cyber threats from the moment you plug it in.

How Senseon helps all industries

By deploying on endpoints and the network, Senseon provides total visibility across an organisation. Using Investigator Bots to look at potential threats from an outside point of view, Senseon blends together it’s three ‘senses’ to develop a contextual understanding. This process - known as AI Triangulation - enables Senseon to accurately detect genuine threats by distinguishing between the unusual yet harmless and the actually malicious. This dramatically reducing false positives and frees up the security team to deal with what really matters.

Real time machine learning technologies, like Senseon, are critical in helping organisations cut through the noise of their busy networks to identify the real threats.
— Dr. Ken Urquhart, Former Senior Director, Microsoft Alchemie Ventures, Consultant on AI/ML and Cyber Security