19% of charities experienced a cyber security breach or attack in 2017.


Cyber security solutions for not for profits and charities

Industry challenges

Charities and not for profits are subject to the same cyber risks as other businesses. Large charities may hold the personal identification information of millions of donors, along perhaps with their card details. Such data can either be used to launch further attacks elsewhere, or more likely can be sold in online forums to other criminals. Smaller charities may not offer such enormous data sets, but are generally worse defended, so may offer cyber criminals more efficient returns on their investment. The trusting nature on which this sector relies makes it particularly susceptible to phishing attacks, as criminals perhaps purporting to be donors will email suspicious links that allow malicious actors into the organisation. This can result in data theft, financial theft, or even ransomware impacting the business.

How Senseon helps the charities and not for profits sectors

Senseon’s threat detection and response platform offers charities and not for profits an affordable and easy way to defend their organisation, no matter how large or small. The technology deploys on endpoints and the network, and uses Investigator Bots to provide an outside point of view on potential threats. By blending together these three ‘senses’ - a process known as AI Triangulation - Senseon is able to detect even the most subtle and complex of cyber threats, whilst dramatically reducing the number of false positives. This allows organisations to simplify their security stack, and given that Senseon works straight out of the box, saves security teams their time and money.

I really like that Senseon gives us full visibility across our entire organisation. Accurate alerts help us avoid a backlog, so we can be sure that we stop the threats.
— Adrian More, IT Director, bpha

Watch the Senseon Demo

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson, will introduce you to the Senseon platform and walk you through its advanced threat detection capabilities.