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What is the next big threat in cyber security? By David Atkinson, CEO of Senseon

8th February 2019 | Enterprise Management 360

CISOs have been spending a fortune on user education to drive down the click through rate of users clicking on malicious emails. In total, cyber-attacks are set to cost global businesses a total of £1.5 trillion in 2018. To put this into context, that’s roughly half of the UK’s total GDP…


Why ‘smart’ is not necessarily clever

8th February 2019 | UK Tech News

Think of your morning commute. Perhaps you live in London and take the Tube. You tap into the barriers, go down the escalator onto the platform, and wait for the tube’s automatic doors to open and close. Or perhaps you live in the countryside and drive to work…


How AI can prevent a Marriott situation from happening again

6th February 2019 | TechRadar

On 30th November, it was revealed that the data of 300 million guests of the Marriott hotel chain had potentially been exposed by hackers of an unknown origin. Recently, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, blamed the Chinese Ministry of State Security for this enormous breach of privacy and personal information…


Entrepreneur set to disrupt cyber security industry with new platform

18th December 2018 | Business Chief

It’s a well-known fact that the technology sector is a male dominated environment. Narrow that down into the cyber security sector and the percentage difference between the number of men and women grows even further. Why is it that half of the population seem to feel excluded from this area of work? And what can we do to break down those barriers?…


Entrepreneur set to disrupt cyber security industry with new platform

5th December 2018 | BDaily News

Today (December 5), Senseon, a sensory artificial intelligence company for cyber defence, has launched the Senseon platform - a new solution set to save time for CISOs and security professionals by making the detection of cyber threats more accurate…


AI cyber security disruptor Senseon, launches new platform to end cyber security professional’s sleepless nights

4th December 2018 | Press Release

Senseon, the next generation, sensory artificial intelligence company for cyber defence, today announces the launch of the Senseon platform – a new solution that will drastically save time for CISOs and security professionals by making the detection of cyber threats far more accurate…


500 million Marriot chain hotel guests had PII data stolen over 4 years

30th November 2018 | SC Magazine

Senseon CEO, David Atkinson comments on the recent hack of the Marriott hotel chain's Starwood reservation system, The breach has occured over for the past four years, with attackers stealing 500 million guest records including names, payment card information and other PII…


Has the enterprise, and judiciary, learned anything from TalkTalk hack?

22nd November 2018 | SC Magazine

The perpetrators of the TalkTalk attack in 2015 have been sentenced to less than a year in jail each for a crime estimated to have cost £77 million, raising questions as to whether the judiciary understand the severity and consequences of digital crimes...


Feature: From hygiene to defence: protecting weapons systems from cyber-attacks

16th November 2018 | SC Magazine

Even the US Department of Defence is seen as way behind the private sector when it comes to cyber-security, so what can public sector defence departments learn from their private sector colleagues?


Was Russia responsible for attempts to cripple a Saudi Arabian energy plant in 2017?

24th October 2018 | Verdict

In August 2017, a cyberattack was launched against a Saudi Arabian oil and gas facility that led to an explosion at the petrochemical plant. The incident was an unsettling one, given that it was the first known attempt to target an emergency shutdown system that was implemented to save lives…


Women in Tech on thriving in the industry and how to close STEM’s gender gap. Our US CEO, Kate Kuehn talks to UKTN.

12th October 2018 | UKTN

In celebration of International Day of the Girl and Ada Lovelace day which fell   this week, I caught up with female founders and women who are doing amazing things to tech to find out what life is really like for women in the field, and how we can get more women in the industry…


Teach Your AI Well: A Potential New Bottleneck for Cybersecurity

8th October 2018 | Dark Reading

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the promise of easing the skills shortage in cybersecurity, but implementing AI may result in a talent gap of its own for the industry… 

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson talks to Sky News about Russia's GRU capabilities.

4th October 2018 | Sky News

Click play to watch the video


Facebook breach likely to be nation state or highly skilled organised group…

28th September 2018 | Telegraph

…Senseon CEO, David Atkinson explains to the Telegraph. 


Senseon recognised as ‘Top 20 AI solution provider - 2018’

25th September 2018  |  CIO Applications Europe

Over the past few years, machine learning technologies have been beneficial in the cybersecurity space by helping enterprises detect new and abnormal behaviors. Unfortunately, these technologies are often incapable of differentiating between unusual and malicious behavior, resulting in flooding security teams with false-positive alerts…


Senseon CEO, David Atkinson talks to Computer World about Senseon’s unique approach to threat detection and going beyond the anomaly

17th September 2018  |  Computer World UK

Underpinning all of this is what the company describes as its "AI Triangulation" algorithms, that correlate and cross reference all information gathered from the network, endpoints, and their 'investigator bots', all three of which the company calls 'senses'.


British Airways hack: Infosec experts finger third-party scripts on payment pages

11th September 2018  |  The Register

As the fall out from the British Airways data breach continues, our CEO David Atkinson comments in The Register on the likely threat actors behind the breach. 


Russia and South Korea targeted by under-the-radar Bisonal attack

2nd August 2018  |  SCMagazine

Senseon CEO, David Atkinson comments on the dangers and weaknesses of only investing in threat intelligence or single-point solutions.


Senseon announced as shortlisted finalists for the Heropreneurs awards

13th July  |  Awards

Senseon is proud to be shortlisted for the Start-up of the Year award by Heropreneurs.


Senseon welcomes Ken Urquhart, PhD to its Advisory Board

9th February  |  LinkedIn

The early AI researcher and recent Senior Director of Innovation at Microsoft, has formerly joined the Advisory Board at Senseon. Ken brings over 30 years experience across big-data analytics, machine learning, visualization, cyber-security, and UX.

senseon-innovation uk.jpg

Senseon CEO, David Atkinson joins UK cyber security delegation to the US

5th February  |  Cyber Exchange

together last week in three US cities to discuss new innovations and trends within cybersecurity and to collaborate in developing a "cyber safe" landscape for the future


How Senseon built a team around authenticity

2nd February  |  Eurostaff

Authenticity is everything at Senseon, the whole business revolves around this and each employee has plenty of experience working with people from all backgrounds and cultures. 


Senseon is proud to announce an addition to its Advisory Board, SkyScanner's founding Board Member & stakeholder, Jules Pancholi

9th January  |  LinkedIn

"Senseon is one of the most exciting start-ups I've seen lately. David and the team have incredible insight, motivation and experience. Their product is timely and the market appears to be huge".



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