Looking to simplify cyber defence?

Partner with SenseOn

UK cybersecurity scale-up SenseOn, founded by David Atkinson, is a unified cyber threat detection and response platform backed by the SenseOn partner-centric UK-based 24/7/365 SOC.

SenseOn seeks innovative, ambitious security-focussed partners who value a different approach to cybersecurity to join our Cyber Simplicity Partner Programme. 

Partners who value working with a UK cybersecurity vendor whose technology cuts through the noise in a crowded market.

Partners who want to drive better performing, more profitable ‘security-as-a-service revenues’, knowing these services are backed by a UK vendor who offers 24/7/365 support to partners.

Our investors include some of the leading names in tech venture capital including Eight Roads and MMC Ventures, as well as the National Security Strategic Investment Fund, the UK Government’s corporate venture capital arm.

Why has the British government invested in SenseOn?

Our unified cyber threat detection and response platform provides a unique solution to the challenges of cost, noise and complexity in today’s cybersecurity landscape, whilst also reducing risk through vastly superior threat detection.

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Before founding SenseOn in 2017 David spent over fifteen years in the UK’s specialist military units, where he became the first full time cyber operative. He also worked extensively in Government cybersecurity teams including GCHQ and the security services.

The challenge we solve

The cybersecurity industry is broken. Critical talent shortages across the industry are compounded by the overhead arising from broad, complex security stacks. 

Businesses, and MSSPs, need a better return on their investment in cybersecurity, both the technology and their skilled people. SenseOn challenges the status quo, simultaneously delivering simplification and improved security.

  • Detect threats faster and more efficiently: reduce alerts by upto 80%, only focus on critical threats
  • Streamline and simplify incident investigation: correlated, in-depth data on tap, with instant secure remote access to compromised devices
  • Prevent human error: over 600 advanced analytics come out of the box
  • Improve staff retention and productivity: shrink workloads, and have analysts only work on critical incidents 
  • Drive profitability into your ‘security-as-a-service’ revenues: consolidate toolsets, reduce data ingest into your SIEM

How we are uniquely placed to solve the problem

First, SenseOn solves the ‘data problem’ in cyber defence. The SenseOn platform collects and correlates data in a consistent format from across endpoints, network and cloud.

With no data ingestion costs for SenseOn users, this rich, consistent dataset allows us to hyper-automate the investigative process with a constantly evolving library of analytics, only surfacing relevant data and threats.

Not only can security teams consolidate their security tech stacks, but SenseOn drives efficiency and cost reduction into SIEM and SOC operations whilst improving threat detection and reducing risk.

SenseOn has received a number of industry awards and accolades for its innovative technology, including being recognised by the World Economic Forum as a 2021 Technology Pioneer.

This is all backed by our partner-focussed 24/7/365 SOC, providing round the clock support and incident response to our partners.

Loved by teams and companies you know.

What this means for our partners

Partnering with SenseOn brings differentiation and competitive advantage to VARS, SIs, security consultancies and incident responders. For MSSPs we enhance threat detection whilst improving operating margins by driving down SIEM alert ingest by upto 75%, as well as providing valuable ‘out-of-hours’ SOC coverage and incident response to our partners.

We favour quality partners over quantity. We keep our partner programme simple yet compelling so our partners are highly engaged and motivated. We work alongside you in a genuine partnership, not only providing technical, marketing and sales support as required but also collaborating on the future direction of the SenseOn platform.

4 reasons to partner with SenseOn:

  1. Win new business: our ‘simplified security stack’ has a compelling message of consolidation, cost reduction and enhanced threat detection – you will drive new revenues in a market beset with bloated toolsets and budgetary pressures. 
  2. Drive higher margins: we will offer market-leading margins to our initial wave of reseller partners as we scale. For MSSPs we drive material efficiency gains into their managed SOC/SIEM operations.
  3. Differentiate your business: stand out from the crowd, you will be among only a handful of partners offering SenseOn in the market.
  4. Hands-on support: we value a small number of highly engaged partners, with whom we will work very closely to support both technically and commercially.