Last year, 80% of UK law firms were targeted by phishing attacks.


Cyber security solutions for law firms

Industry challenges

Law firms today utilise technology in their businesses at an unprecedented level. Alongside the obvious benefits, however, lies a worrying opportunity for malicious actors. In an industry where reputation is everything, cyber-attacks have the potential to ruin a firm. Confidentiality is crucial to clients, who expect their legal representative to take their cyber security seriously. With £20m of client money lost to cyber-attacks in the UK alone over the last two years, many law firms still don’t have sufficient cyber security in place.

How Senseon helps the legal sector

Senseon’s threat detection and response has unique ability to monitor both endpoints and the network offers firms unparalleled visibility throughout their digital estates. It is the blending of AI technology across endpoints, network, and the addition of Investigator Bots - a blending known as AI Triangulation - that enables Senseon to accurately detect even the most subtle and advanced threats as soon as they attempt to enter the firm. Furthermore, this visibility ensures Senseon identifies suspicious movements of data, both within and beyond the boundaries of the firm, allowing employees to maintain control over their information. By offering comprehensive and accurate detection, Senseon is able to protect firms from malware such as NotPetya, which caused great difficulties for DLA Piper in 2017.

We are impressed by the breadth and diversity of the activity that Senseon is able to detect. This strengthens my confidence that our organisation is well protected.
— Paul Grant, IT Solutions Lead, Harbottle & Lewis

Watch the Senseon Demo

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson, will introduce you to the Senseon platform and walk you through its advanced threat detection capabilities.