Traditional Intrusion Detection Systems and cyber security tools attempt to detect threats from just one point of view. This limited approach enables attackers to hide in the gaps created by these various single-point tools. Conventional threat detectors must err on the side of caution when raising alerts, resulting in a flood of false positives being raised for the attention of security teams.

Senseon’s unique AI Triangulation technology thinks like a human analyst. By observing threats from multiple perspectives, pausing for thought, and learning from experience, Senseon automates the process of investigation to increase the accuracy of threat detection, and dramatically reduce the number of false positive alerts.


Lack of contextual analysis

Simplistic detections based on single packets and not chains of events

Restricted visibility: only monitors network, doesn’t watch over endpoints

Limited understanding of encrypted traffic

High number of false positive alerts

Easy to evade

Complicated technology needs lots of fine-tuning


AI Triangulation brings highly accurate, real time threat detection

Unrivalled visibility across network, devices, and users

Contextual understanding of threats

Dramatically reduces false positives alerts

Replaces the need for multiple solutions

Saves time and resource by augmenting the analyst

Intuitive interface simplifies threat investigation


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“We are impressed by the breadth and diversity of the activity that Senseon is able to detect. This strengthens my confidence that our organisation is well protected.”

Paul Grant, IT Solutions Lead