Get more value from your tools with SenseOn integrations

Seamlessly integrate with existing tools to extend visibility, ingest new telemetry, enrich analysis context and manage detections.

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Context enrichment with SenseOn

Access external APIs from the SenseOn analytics appliance to collect telemetry directly into the SenseOn platform and automatically correlate this with other data sources collected via the SenseOn platform. Reduce noise by applying SenseOn’s technology to noisy alert providers (downscoring).

  • Ingest enrichment data to aid AI-powered investigations by SenseOn
  • Direct access to Azure, AWS and Google Cloud APIs to protect your cloud environment
Better visibility into disaggregated systems

Extend the investment in the technologies you already invest in, by providing a single pane of glass across the entire IT estate – observations raised from Microsoft 365, Azure and Google Workspace, endpoints and telemetry from AWS and network end up in one place.

  • Streamlined detection, investigation and response
  • Consistently formatted data shared between all tools to remove inconsistencies
Streamline notification workflows

SenseOn offers integrations with several workflow tools – these include ServiceNow, Jira, OpsGenie, Teams, Slack and a wide variety of ticketing systems.

  • Integrations work through email notifications of a webhook
  • Define custom thresholds to send insights to ticket management systems

Integrations for your business


Cases and observations can be pushed into SIEMs using custom API integrations, web hooks and email.

Endpoint protection

SenseOn can integrate with your existing endpoint protection and EDR tooling.

Data collection

SenseOn can pull in data from Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Security Hub, Microsoft Office 365, and Azure.

Ticket management

SenseOn integrates with Teams, Google Workspace, Slack and Jira to help your team stay on top of alerts, wherever they are.

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