Cyber attacks against financial services companies have risen by 80% in the last year.


Cyber security solutions for financial services

Industry challenges

The financial services industry is one of the sectors most targeted by cyber attacks. Dealing with large volumes of customer data, access to money, and even card payment information, means that successful attackers are likely to acquire something of real value, and that’s before considering the reputational damage should a breach occur. Threats typical to the industry include insider attacks, both deliberate and accidental, ransomware, and data theft. According to the FCA, cyber attacks against such organisations have risen by 80% in the last year alone. Despite this, seven out of ten FTSE 100 companies still aren’t ready for the next DNS attack.

How Senseon helps financial services

Senseon’s threat detection and response platform monitors the endpoints and network within a organisation, and deploys external Investigator Bots to form an outside perspective. By this unique blending of ‘senses’ - known as AI Triangulation - Senseon accurately flags suspicious behaviour for the attention of security teams, whilst preventing merely unusual behaviour from raising unnecessary alerts. For example, this dramatically reduces the impact of malicious insiders, a threat traditional tools have difficulty spotting. Furthermore, Senseon is able to isolate threats such as ransomware the moment they approach the company, preventing their ability to spread around the organisation.

We chose to deploy Senseon because we believe that their unique approach gives us the best chance to defend ourselves against emerging cyber-attacks.
— CISO, leading capital markets company


Watch the Senseon Demo

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson will introduce you to the Senseon platform and walk you through its advanced threat detection capabilities.