In the last 12 months, 26% of energy companies fell victim to a successful cyber attack


Cyber security solutions for energy and utilities

Industry challenges

The energy sector offers malicious actors the best opportunity of causing physical damage. With the economic and social importance of energy provision, the attractiveness of this target for nation-states, terrorists, and hacktivists is clear. In the last 12 months, 26% of energy companies fell victim to a successful cyber-attack, and with industrial control systems increasingly being linked to the Internet, and IoT devices spreading in the workplace, this percentage could rise. With their unique risk profile, if the sector doesn’t shore up its cyber defence capabilities soon, we could start seeing real losses comparable to disasters such as Deepwater Horizon, as attacks like Stuxnet become more widespread.

How Senseon helps the energy sector

Senseon’s threat detection offers a unique opportunity for the energy sector to stay ahead of the constantly changing threat landscape. By deploying on endpoint devices, and by monitoring the network, Senseon has visibility over both OT and IT systems, and is able to alert security teams to threats at the earliest opportunity. Investigator Bots further evaluate potential threats from an outside point of view, dramatically reducing false positives. By combining all three ‘senses’, Senseon’s unique approach - known as AI Triangulation - is able to offer comprehensive, accurate coverage to busy security teams, augmenting the roll of the analyst and helping stretched budgets go further by simplifying the security stack.

Technology-driven opportunities in the [energy] sector have also opened the door for significant risks and cyber threats, which feature highly on CEOs and Board agendas.
— Regina Mayor, Global Sector Head of Energy and Natural Resources at KPMG

Watch the Senseon Demo

Senseon Founder and CEO, David Atkinson will introduce you to the Senseon platform and walk you through its advanced threat detection capabilities.