The Senseon platform is a unique and innovative AI-led approach to cyber threat detection and response. Senseon offers security teams unparalleled visibility across their organisations, allowing for the detection of even the most subtle and complex of cyber attacks. By alerting accurately on genuine threats, Senseon is proven to dramatically reduce false positive alerts, keeping your endpoints protected from cyber attacks.


Move beyond
endpoint security

Sensory AI enables these senses to talk to one another, providing real-time endpoint defence, protecting businesses from everyday threats, and empowering IT and security teams’ threat detection and response capabilities.

Senseon moves beyond conventional endpoint detection capabilities by blending together its multiple senses across an organisation, greatly increasing visibility.


Network Security

Senseon’s passive network appliance gathers data from across customers’ networks, augmenting the AI’s ability to contextually understand threats and raise accurate alerts.


Investigator Bots

Investigator Bots look at potential threats from an outside point of view. This threat intelligence provides another layer of context that enables Senseon to accurately detect genuine threats.


Cloud Security

Senseon has been built to deploy easily into virtual environments, providing security teams with total visibility across their organisation’s digital estate.


See Senseon in Action


Threat intelligence

Threat cases are visualised in a step-by-step, narrative format, and prioritised according to their severity. This offers more context and assists with investigations.


Complete visibility

Senseon covers the entire digital estate, giving organisations unparalleled insight into the behaviour of their network, users, and devices.


Intuitive interface

Senseon’s intuitive interfaces has simplified the process of threat investigation for analysts, and enables CISOs and managers to be better equipped for managing threat.